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4 steps to harness the power of your intuition in your online business

If you are reading this, you are probably an online business owner and you probably have some really beautiful goals, like signing your first client, being fully booked, and hitting that 5k month ... And when we want something we have never had before, we are looking for advice from others on how to get there. Totally normal, totally understandable!

There is just one problem with that:

Getting to those 5k months might look different for you, your business, and your audience than for that person whose advice you are taking.

Think about a person who is not valuing integrity and honesty. They will probably advise you to do some really icky sales tactics that don't feel good to you (I am assuming that you DO value integrity and honesty because those are the people I usually attract). And so, the business that you'll build if you follow their advice is a business based on dishonesty and pressure - yikes! How good do you think you'll feel hitting those 5k months then? And in fact, the probability that you are going to stick with whatever that icky sales advice was, is fairly slim, and because it isn't aligned with your energy, you'll probably won't get any results from that advice!

So who do you take advice from, then? Yes, coaches and mentors who have similar values to you!

AND ... yourself!!!

Now, don't look at me and say "But I don't KNOW how to get there or I would have done it already!" To that, I call BS! You DO know. Your inner wisdom knows! Your intuition KNOWS! You just haven't been encouraged enough to listen to your own intuition and strengthen it!

In the work I do with my clients, it is always my number one priority to support them in building self-trust. Yes, I have 4+ years of experience in the online coaching space and know what works and what doesn't, I have built my own coaching business to those 5k months and am working with amazing women worldwide. So yes, I will give you my honest expert advice, but I will always make sure that you are reflecting on what takeaways to actually integrate into your business because they are aligned with what YOU want to build.

With that being said, I wholeheartedly believe that the more you trust yourself and the more you are able to listen to your own intuition, the better decisions you'll make in your online business and the faster you'll reach your goals!

This is why I'm sharing with you today 4 steps to strengthen your business's secret sauce: Your intuition!

Step 1: Tune out the noise

Especially as an online entrepreneur, you are constantly on social media because it is part of your job. So it can become very easy to scroll for hours, listening to what other people think of that marketing strategy that you wanted to use or that coaching modality that you currently study ... It can become SO hard to hear your intuition if you are hearing other people's voices and opinions 24/7. So your first step is really to tune out the noise.

Practically speaking that means scrolling less on your favorite social media platform, not always listening to a podcast when you are going for a walk or you are in your car, and consciously creating moments of silence so that you can hear your own thoughts.

Step 2: Work through fears and beliefs that aren't serving you

When you hear your own thoughts, you are probably not only hearing your intuition, am I right? You are probably hearing and feeling a whole bunch of unhelpful things like "Who am I to say that I am a healer?" or "Nobody is reading my posts anyway, so why bother creating them?" or one of my favorites "The algorithm hates me". Those thoughts are not coming from your intuition. Those are coming from fears, unhelpful thought patterns, and stories and beliefs about yourself and about how the world works.

When you are making your own decisions in your business, you need to make sure that those fears and limiting beliefs aren't running the show. And that means one thing and one thing only: DO. YOUR. MINDSET. WORK! Whether you work through those things with your trusted coach or by yourself, make sure you are actually doing the work aka bringing to light what those fears and beliefs are, and then working through them, healing them, and reprogramming them.

Step 3: Start small

When it has been years since you haven't had real quality contact with your intuition, let's start small, ok? You wouldn't go to the gym and lift the heaviest weight when you are just starting out. So instead of putting so much pressure on yourself and tackling those big business decisions like where to invest 10k or if you should burn your whole business to the ground and build a new one, start with reeeeeaaally small decisions and see how it feels. And when I say small, I mean things like "Oh, I feel called to make a right turn here during my walk, let's do that" or "Hey, I feel called to share my healthy meal on my IG stories today even though I never do that, let's just try it out". You feel what I mean? And then, take note of where this path takes you or who responds to your story because they are currently into healthy meals as well. This brings me to the last step.

Step 4: Build your intuition evidence bank

In order for you to trust yourself and trust your inner voice, it is really helpful to have proof. So whenever you listen to your intuition and something good comes from it, write it down. Maybe you create a special notes section in your phone where you write down all the proof that it is safe and profitable to listen to your intuition, or maybe you have a file on your computer or you are using your journal. But be sure to build that evidence bank! I also love to think back to moments in my life when I trusted myself over the opinions of others and how that has served me in the past.

Let me know if this article has been helpful to you and leave me a comment below!

Also, I'd LOVE it if you shared this blog post with others who could benefit from it. As a token of my appreciation and gratitude to you, everyone who shares this article on Instagram and tags me (@leapwithlisa) will be entered to win a 45-minute coaching session with me!

Every month I am drawing a winner because I want to thank you for not only reading this blog but also sharing this information with the people you know. Just make sure that your Instagram profile is public so that I can see it when you tag me ;)

Now follow your intuition and let's chat soon!

Want to dive deeper into this conversation?

I recently did a livestream over on Instagram where I shared more valuable insights on the power of intuition in online business, how to harness your inner guidance for better decision-making, strengthen your mindset, and take your business to the next level

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You’ll learn:

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2) What the biggest issue is that is holding you back from harnessing the power of your intuition

3) How to trust your instincts and create success on your terms 💪

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