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Stop struggling to make sales

The Mind-Body-Action Approach to Finding Clients

Oh, the struggle to find clients! In the beginning stages of your business it can be SO hard and overwhelming to get your first clients, right? Whether you are a coach, healer, mentor, or another kind of service provider, getting clients is THE goal that most have when starting a business.

And for good reasons! No clients mean no income. And that means, you really don't have a business (at least not for long).

So if you are struggling with finding clients online, you are probably following a bunch of business coaches and experts on social media, listening to marketing podcasts, or watching TikTok's that are promising you fast results through a sales hack, a "proven" sales script, or a viral video trend, right? The bad news is that searching for this ONE secret to making sales keeps you stuck!

The good news is that there is a more holistic, sustainable, and ethical approach to signing clients and growing your business. It's a lens that I call my Mind-Body-Action Approach.

What is the Mind-Body-Action approach?

This approach is a way of guiding you through a customizable process and helping you ask yourself the right questions in order to reach your current business goal, whether that is signing your very first coaching client or getting fully booked and ready to scale!

The 3 aspects of Mind, Body and Action all work together and interact with one another. The Mind refers to everything going on in your brain and your conscious thoughts. That means for one, getting clarity on all of your strategy pieces (like which offer you want to put out there and what your marketing strategy is). And then, the mental aspect also refers to noticing thought patterns and how you talk to yourself.

Are those thoughts supporting you or limiting you?

Are you gentle and loving with yourself or hard and shaming yourself?

This is where mindset work comes in!

The second aspect of the approach is the body aspect. Your body and how you are feeling have not only a huge impact on how you act (and thus the results you get), but it also holds immense wisdom that few of us know how to use. Getting your body on board with your goals means letting yourself feel whatever emotions are coming up for you, actually moving through those instead of pushing them down, calming your nervous system, and consciously creating the feelings and emotional state that will push you toward your desires. In a society that is often trained to only be logical, to not trust their bodily cues, and to shame emotions and vulnerability, this is not an easy thing to do. But I promise you, getting your full body on board with making more sales will be a game-changer!

And finally, action! You probably agree that making sales without taking any action would be rather difficult, right? But here is the thing, doing more won't get you necessarily more results if you are focusing on the wrong things in your business. Making more sales is dependent on you taking action that is consistent, focused, and intentional! This means, that you have to have an understanding of what actions actually help to convert your audience!

So how exactly is this approach helping you to make more sales?

Alright, let's put this all together and get you your MBA (see what I did there?)!

I know you are ready to make more sales in your business, otherwise, you wouldn't have read this article until this point. So what I want you to do is to start with the Mind aspect, specifically the clarity and decision piece!

  • What offer are you selling?

  • How are you inviting people to that offer?

  • Where and how are you showing up for your audience and helping them make the decision to buy from you?

If some of those questions are hard for you to answer or decide on, ask your body! Yes, you've read that right!

Let your intuition talk to you by setting the intention to create clarity (for example around a way to increase the know, like, and trust factor with your audience). Then, take your mind off of things: Go for a walk, paint, cook a meal, take a shower, drink a coffee sitting in the sun ... anything that gives you the opportunity for your intuition to talk to you. And trust me, it will! Maybe not in the first 5 minutes, maybe a day later, but the ideas always come!

From there, you already know which consistent, focused, and intentional action steps you are going to take. So commit to them, and adjust your environment so that it is easier for you to take those actions. If for example, you want to invite people to your new coaching offer every day, put that on your calendar every day and set a reminder. (We LOVE to forget those uncomfortable tasks).

Now your job is to back yourself and your actions up through mindset work and body-based tools.

Meaning: If for example, every time you write your daily sales posts, you notice doubts come up about whether or not you can even deliver on the transformation you promise, don't ignore that thought! Take this thought as an invitation to adjust your mindset work accordingly. In this case, you want to double down on stepping into your confidence as a service provider and seeing the value of your offer!

Another example could be if you just got a nasty comment on one of your sales posts and you feel the anger and shame coming up in your body. Don't ignore those feelings, trying to push them down. Any action you are taking will be energized by your current state. And we don't want you to go into that discovery call or your client session dysregulated like that.

So feel the feelings, let yourself go there, maybe journal it out, dance it out, shake it out (I LOVE to shake off excess energy and nerves), cry, use tools like breathwork or tapping ... whatever helps you to actually move and work through the emotion that is present for you. You will notice that once you are done, you feel less activated, more neutral, and ready to tackle the rest of your tasks with clearer energy.

To sum everything up for you...

The Mind-Body-Action (MBA) approach can help you find clients in a more sustainable, ethical, and holistic way. The three aspects of the MBA approach, which are the mind, body, and action, work together and interact with one another to help you reach your business goals. Focusing on clarity and decision-making in the mind, getting the body on board with goals, and taking consistent, focused, and intentional action are the keys to creating a successful and fulfilling business. Additionally, mindset work and body-based tools will back up your actions and help you work through any doubts or emotions that come up during the process.

Now it's your turn! Look at your business with the Mind-Body-Action approach and see how sales will feel easier, more aligned, and more effective!

Let me know if this article has been helpful to you and leave me a comment below!

Also, I'd LOVE it if you shared this blog post with others who could benefit from it. As a token of my appreciation and gratitude to you, everyone who shares this article on Instagram and tags me (@leapwithlisa) will be entered to win a 45-minute coaching session with me!

Every month I am drawing a winner because I want to thank you for not only reading this blog but also sharing this information with the people you know. Just make sure that your Instagram profile is public so that I can see it when you tag me ;)

Want to dive deeper into this conversation?

I recently did a livestream over on Instagram where I shared more valuable insights and examples about how to use the Mind-Body-Action approach to achieve faster results!

Just click on the picture below to watch!

In this video you’ll hear:

🔥 How the mind, body, and taking action all interact with one another

🔥 How to use the approach to get your first client

🔥 How to use this approach to get fully booked in your business

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