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Meet Lisa

Success coach for female entrepreneurs

Hi there, nice to meet you! My name is Elisa, but my friends call me Lisa. I am a fitness-loving, half-marathon running, recipe-testing optimist from Germany who is living in beautiful south of France. Oh, and I also love my wine and chocolate chip ice cream, because #balance, right?

I started my entrepreneurial journey over four years ago and I struggled in the beginning, finding it SO HARD to sign clients online. Let me tell you, I have learned the hard way what works and what doesn't in the online space LOL

I am passionate about bringing the real, honest and nuanced conversation to the online coaching industry of what it actually takes to create the live of freedom, impact and abundance that you see all over Instagram!

Read more about my story below! And if you are looking for support or you want to connect, just send me an email and let's chat!


My story


I graduate University with a master degree in psychology … and have no idea what to actually do with my life. I only know that I want to experience it ALL!


With some years of work experience I finally KNOW that I want to start something on my own, I want to be an entrepreneur, I want to teach and coach and inspire people. But it is so scary at the same time to take that leap of faith. I got really lucky there and actually landed a job doing what I love: teaching and facilitating workshops for top leaders, showing them how to improve their communication and leadership skills.


Hundreds of hours of workshop and coaching experience later, I have enough confidence in myself and my coaching skills and I finally take the leap of faith to start my OWN coaching business (plus moving to south of France to be with my love - yes it seems straight out of a romance movie, and I'm here for it LOL)


Since starting my online business I learned through countless courses and other coaches I hired how online businesses work, (some more helpful than others), I got certified in NLP to bring even more value and tools to my coaching clients, I worked on balancing business and enjoying life and time off and I supported numerous clients to be more confident in themselves, move through fears and thought patterns holding them back, and take action as the successful CEOs of their businesses! 

And most importantly I love to get up in the morning inspiring other women to leap into THEIR dream life & business, and help them to start and grow a thriving business that they are absolutely passionate about!

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