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Visibility Glow-up Intensive

1:1 support to level up your visibility through creating your clear messaging and brand, connecting deeply with your audience and future clients, and creating magnetic content CONSISTENTLY and CONFIDENTLY

When I started getting SUPER clear about my unique niche and messaging, my reach and engagement BLEW UP!


And what's even more important, this increased reach ALSO led to more people checking out my paid services, reaching out to me, and booking calls!

And what's MOST important to me is during all of that, I had FUN serving my community and creating content, it felt EASY and NATURAL to show up and share my expertise consistently, I felt 100% like myself online, and the new clients I am attracting are true DREAM clients who are so aligned with my values!

And now it's your turn to take up space and be seen!

Click play to learn how Brenna improved her visibility and now has opportunities coming to her she's been dreaming of for months

Choose your own adventure

During our Visibility Glow-up Intensive, we'll work on one of my LEAP pillars - depending on what will make the BIGGEST impact for your right now!


Discover YOUR unique visibility levers!

Maybe it is your deep, calming voice that draws people to you or your bubbly personality. 

I'll use my coaching tools and skills to bring out YOUR uniqueness and strengths so you don't you'll never compare yourself again to someone else in your industry and you'll KNOW why people follow you and buy from you.

Actionable strategy

Nothing is worse for your magnetic visibility than NOT having a plan. This is why you need a strategy. But I don't believe in one-size-fits-all content plans - and you shouldn't either! We'll create a visibility strategy for you that is ACTIONABLE because it fits your life, your energy, and how your brain operates!

You'll KNOW that your daily action steps are getting your the growth and sales you desire - and you'll see results because of it!


People hire experts! They will sign up for your offers once they wholeheartedly believe that what you got will get THEM results!

I'll show you how you can cultivate your expertise, claim it and confidently communicate it!

Because once you truly know your worth, making sales becomes easy!


The best Instagram "hack" or "proven" content strategy won't work for you if your psychology is working against you!

I'll help you cultivate belief systems that are SERVING you instead of holding you back. We'll powerfully shift what's not working for you and reset the stories you tell yourself and your nervous system so that you can FULLY and CONFIDENTLY show up online - and magnetize your future clients in the process!

Don't know what pillar to focus on right now?

Don't worry, I KNOW how to cut to the chase and figure out EXACTLY where the gap is between struggling to grow your audience despite putting in hours and hours each week to create content (and feeling frustrated when that content falls flat) AND feeling so connected to your audience, putting out content that resonates and growing your beautiful business because of it.

Schedule a free Clarity Call below to make sure that the Visibility Intensive is the right next step for you and to create massive clarity and breakthroughs about what your content and business truly need right now!

Hi, have we met yet?

I am Elisa Becker, your dedicated and experienced Visibility Coach! You can call me Lisa - as all my friends do! 😊

I help you to get visible with ease and authenticity and to take up space feeling FULLY confident in your expertise and make more sales -  because people need what only YOU can offer!

With my master's in psychology, professional background in theater, over 8 years of coaching experience and 5 years of running my own online coaching business, I am THE best coach to give you a complete transformation when it comes to sharing your expertise with confidence, tapping into your creativity, and finally stepping into the spotlight so that your future clients can find you and hire you! 

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How your Visibility Intensive works

1 / One 60-minute Coaching Call

This 1:1 coaching call over zoom will be uniquely customized to YOUR current visibility and business goals, struggles, and journey. I am amazing at holding space for whatever you bring and to lead you through your personal breakthrough. You'll leave this call with SO much clarity and increased belief in your success - attracting new opportunities and growth as a result.

2 / Structured transformational worksheets 

Your growth doesn't stop here! After our call, I'll send you additional resources to make even more progress towards your magnetic content strategy!

3 / One week of email support and care

I don't coach and run, I am HERE for you! Whether it is a question coming up or a content idea you want feedback on, I am just one email away!

4 / 30-minute wrap up call

A week after our coaching call, we'll hop on zoom again to dive EVEN deeper. This wrap up call will be magic as you've had a week to integrate and now we are able to up level your visibility and sales EVEN more!

Your investment

The investment for your Visibility Glow-up Intensive is 510,-€*

(around 560,-US$ depending on that day's conversion rate)

* limited spots available

What a past client said about the Visibility Glow-up 

The BEST investment I've made in my business ( and myself <3 )

Working with Lisa has been the BEST decision I have made for my business all year. I knew when I saw Lisa's content online that she was the coach that I needed to support me in making a noticeable shift happen in my coaching business. I'm a very passionate and emotional person and I also am a firm believer in finding a good work life balance. What I've learned is that part of this comes from making decisions from an aligned place. Unfortunately, my brain was so cluttered with information from multiple sources before I worked with Lisa, that I was having trouble doing this. But through her expertise, Lisa helped me see multiple options and her recommendations were so aligned with what I was feeling inside that I was able to make new systems that worked for me and how I want to run my business. Her ability to listen deeply, provide suggestions, and send permission slips as needed, has helped me grow as individual and a business owner this year in a way that is completely authentic to me. I HIGHLY recommend Lisa's services because I know if not for her support I wouldn't have so much clarity around my niche and services. That clarity is already bring me opportunities I've been dreaming of for months! Thank you, thank you, thank you Lisa!!

Brenna P. - Life Purpose Coach

Still unsure about your next step?

I hear you! Trusting a coach with your content, your money, and your business is a BIG step. This is why you can always book a free Clarity Call first. This call is a safe space, a no-pressure call, where we simply chat about your business, your content strategy, and goals and unveil what serves YOU the most right now to get to that next level you desire. I recorded a quick video for you to tell you exactly what happens on my Clarity Calls, so hit play below!

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