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Welcome to "Leap with Lisa"

I'm so glad you are here! This is your place for all things visibility, content creation, and sharing your unique voice, expertise and gifts with the world - I KNOW you have a unique message to share and I am here to help you access it and amplify it!


 You'll be expanding your visibility, your confidence, and your impact in the world. This is the start of your transformative journey, unlocking your potential to be seen, and heard, so that you magnetically attract your audience and future clients. 

Meet Lisa

Visibility Coach for driven solopreneurs

Hey there, my name is Elisa but you can call me Lisa! I'm here to support women like you in taking the leap to start or expand their business through confidently and authentically sharing their voice and expertise.


With a Master's degree in Psychology and a four-year theatre certification under my belt, I embarked on a unique journey to blend the profound insights of human behavior with the transformative power of theatre and creativity.


My mission?

To empower women like you to step into their brilliance, claim their space, and amplify their voices.


Together, we'll navigate the path to your authentic, impactful online presence.

In the past, I have always either received very practical steps OR spiritual guidance from coaches. Lisa was able to give me BOTH. She is so so skilled and AMAZING at what she does.

- Monica D.

I gained so much insight and awareness around my coaching offers that I hadn't considered. I walked away with so many take-aways that I know will make such a difference.

10/10 recommend booking a call!

- Laura D.

Working with Elisa was an absolute joy!

I cannot describe how much it helped me to take the next step in my journey to run my own business.

- Sonja V.

Lisa’s unique coaching style has been instrumental in helping me change the trajectory of both my personal and professional growth and to make me excited about my life again! 

- Naaznin D.

Let''s get you seen and heard amidst the noise online

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