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Your 2022 Goal Reset

Hit the reset button on your 2022 business goals with me, realign with your true desires, figure out what to focus on and create the momentum you need to make 2022 your most successful year yet!

We are almost halfway through the year 2022 and if you are anything like me, you probably wrote down some big goals and intentions at the beginning of this year. And chances are, you are looking at your goals and feel either defeated because you find yourself nowhere near your goals or you feel really rushed and like you have to accomplish a thousand things and implement another fifty strategies in order to hit your goals this year.

If this sounds like you, I want you to know that it is totally ok. We all feel that way! There is nothing that has gone wrong. You simply need a little reset to step back into a momentum in your business that feels really good, exciting, balanced, and aligned. Because this is how you will be able to hit your most important 2022 goals without burning out or resenting your biz in the process!

Ready? Then join me for your FREE 2022 Goal Reset!

This is how it works:

Join me for a free workshop on June 17th!

We will kick things off with a powerful workshop where you'll learn how to:

  1. Hit the reset button on your year and shake off any negative or stuck energy that is blocking you from moving forward in a powerful way

  2. Realign with your goals so that you create exactly the outcomes that you truly desire in your online business

  3. Get super clear on your aligned strategy and exact action steps to hit your goals by the end of this year - whether you want to be fully booked in your coaching business or sell out your first group offer, this is how you'll make that happen!

Join the free accountability challenge from June 20th - July 3rd

This is where the magic happens!

Starting the Monday after our workshop, we'll kick off a 14-day accountability challenge where you will:

  1. Check in daily with the action steps that will actually make a difference to create the success in your online business that you desire

  2. Be supported by the community and your business coach for this challenge (aka moi!)

  3. Have the opportunity to win a 1:1 intuitive strategy session with me!

In order to join the 2022 Goal Reset, all you have to do is to become a member of the Free "Booked-out Business Besties" Facebook Group. Request to join HERE

If you aren't on Facebook but you still want the workshop and accountability, send me an email HERE

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Hosted by Elisa Becker

Hi there, I am Elisa, a business coach who combines marketing, mindset and manifestation in a powerful way to help coaches sign dream clients and do the work they truly love.

My goal is it to support you in building a thriving coaching business that not only gives you the income and impact you desire but that also feels amazing and is aligned with who you really are!


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