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Your Perfect Pathway Intensive

90 minutes coaching session to map out the business pathway to profit that is the perfect one for YOU specifically

Have you said to yourself for months or even years that you want to start your own online business, but you never seem to get into action?

Do you feel overwhelmed by everything you think you need to do in order to get your business off the ground?

Do you feel like you are taking action all the time, you feel busy but nothing is happening?

If you answered one of the above questions with "YES", the Perfect Pathway Intensive is for you!

During this Intensive we will create YOUR perfect pathway to a thriving business you love. You will walk away with a step-by-step plan for the next 6 months of your business so that you know EXACTLY what to focus on each month. We will make it easy for you to take consistent action because we are aligning your action steps and strategy to YOUR unique personality, your vision and lifestyle.

Path with Plants

Know where you are going and know how you'll get there!

Imagine ...

  • Knowing your exact next steps and feeling confident enough to take those

  • Having a mapped out personal path and doable plan that you are actually going to be able to follow through with so that you can leave your 9-5 and create a life on your terms

  • Feeling confident, trusting yourself and KNOWING how to get your business off the ground

  • Being able to show up consistently in your business! No more stop and go, no more overwhelm!

  • Signing your first clients with ease and making money in a way that feels authentic and in integrity with who you are

Hi, have me met?

My name is Lisa and I am a success coach and mentor for women with a mission. Thanks to my university degree in psychology and being certified as a NLP master practitioner,  I have a deep understanding of how our brains work and how we can hold ourselves back from reaching our goals. 

In my many years of leading group workshops for various institutions, I learned exactly how to create goals with my clients that literally pull you towards them and how to use my numerous coaching tools in a way that honors your specific needs and situation.

 I am absolutely passionate about supporting women to create the change that they want to see in the world AND to live a life that makes them want to jump out of the bed in the morning.

How it works

The virtual intensive coaching session is 90 minutes long. We will meet up via zoom​, but before we do, you will fill out a pre-session questionnaire so that I can adapt the session to your specific needs and situation. That way you will get the MOST out of those 90 minutes with me!

  • In the beginning of the session we will look at where it is that you want to go and formulate goals in a way that your subconscious mind will be eager to reach them and thus assist you massively along the way (no more unconscious self-sabotage!).

  • With your big and beautiful goals in mind we will dive into a timeline exercise where you will be able to tap into your intuition and receive valuable insights about the action steps you will need to take in order to reach those goals.

  • With your newfound insights we will brain dump all of those moving pieces, "shoulds" and tasks. This alone will help you release so much stress, tension and overwhelm and you will feel refreshed and motivated to take action in your business. 

  • We will determine what EXACTLY will make a difference in your business and what are the things you need to focus on and prioritize. The best thing you can do when starting a business is to solve ONE problem at a time. Knowing exactly which problem that is each month will be an absolute game-changer for you!

  • You will walk away with a clear and doable 6-months action plan that fits you and your business!

Your Bonus

Unlimited voice message support via voxer during the week after out intensive

This implementation support is so important! Whether you have a simple question, you feel resistance coming up, need clarification or you just need to hear that you can do it -  I am there for you!​

This isn't a one-size fits all approach

Creating that level of clarity around your personal business path isn’t something that you can google your way through or just take a course on, because google or that course creator can’t adapt their knowledge to YOU in a way that 1:1 coaching does. It is insane how much clarity we can create in just 90 minutes by focusing on YOUR specific situation, personality and goals! 

Are you an introvert? Do you value community? What social media platform works best for your personality type? Mapping out your business idea, model and plan so that is feels tailor-made JUST for you is my zone of genius.

I love working with new and aspiring business owners, helping them actually decide on what business to even have, and then translating that into action. Most business coaches or programs expect you to already know most of these things before they even start helping you.


But it is exactly that level of clarity, the personalized plan and individual support that is the gap keeping most women from ever starting on their dream businesses. My goal for this Intensive is to support you in kick-starting your business so that you can create the change that you want to see in the world AND live a life that makes you want to jump out of the bed in the morning! And the first step is to map out YOUR perfect pathway!

Rustic Beach Path

Create massive clarity

Feel confident & empowered

Show up consistently

Generate income doing what you love

Your investment

297, 00€

* Payment is made via PayPal. Prices are in euros, but PayPal normally shows you the current conversion rate if you live outside of the European Union. As this is a one time payment you don't need a PayPal account in order to proceed with the payment.

Rustic Beach Path

Create massive clarity

Feel confident & empowered

Show up consistently

Generate income doing what you love

How to book your Intensive

I have limited availability for those Intensive sessions. In order to secure your spot, click on the button below and choose the date and time that fits you best. 

Once you scheduled your Intensive Session, you will receive the payment link.

Still have questions?

I want you to be a "Hell YES!" when it comes to investing and working with me. That is why, if you have any questions about the intensive, don't hesitate to send me an email clicking HERE. I'd love to support you in making the best decision possible for your business.

intensive booking

Client Love

Absolutely Eye-Opening

Thank you so much for working with me to bring my dream business into reality! When I first signed up for the call I was quite nervous and didn't know what to expect. As soon as we were on the call I felt at ease and could relax completely. You gave me so much room for my dreams and made them possible for me to achieve!


Before our meeting I had no clue what my business would be and now I can see it clearly and am excited to get started. Having a concrete plan for the next six months is giving me so much peace and confidence around the whole business creating process. I loved working with you and am sure I will seek you out again if I ever run into a roadblock along the way.

Sonja V.

Kelly K.

In a short amount of time she helped me gain clarity and gave me a focused direction to take on my purpose in life.


I am so grateful for Lisa and her ability to see beyond my overflow of ideas and really help me breakdown what matters most to me. I feel relieved and excited for what's to come now ! 

Yvonne M.

The session itself was enjoyable for me: accessible, simple and effective.

I notice that in the short term, I feel more focused. I do my morning ritual every morning now. 


I enjoyed all aspects of the session: the coaching and the support, this presence helps with self-discipline.

Victoria B.

Lisa helped me unlock my dreams and gave me the means to achieve them, as well. 


I especially enjoyed the coaching calls with her, which were very diverse and included exercises like meditations or creating mind maps but also very intense talks that challenged me and brought out sides of myself I did not even know existed. 

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