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Your FREE 5-day training to help you sign your first (or next) client and start living your entrepreneurial dream life


This is for you if you ...

... started your service-based online business but are struggling with signing clients.

... see all those other people online hitting their income goals and you feel like there is a secret that has been hidden from you.

... want to sign your first (or next) client but you are afraid of sounding sales-y or annoying people.

... are dreaming of running a successful business that lights you up and is in alignment with your true purpose

... feel overwhelmed by the Instagram algorithm, marketing lingo and complicated funnels and you just want a simple strategy that works and feels good.

Are you ready to ...

... feel confident in yourself and the value of your service?

... sign your first client and make money in a way that feel authentic and in integrity with who you are?

... impact other people's live in a positive way and be well compensated for it?

... sell your services with confidence, integrity and ease?

... finally hit those income goals and create the personal and financial freedom that made you want to start your own business in the first place?

Then come join me in this unique 5 day training!

You will get:

  • 5 Days of Live Trainings where we'll dive into what actually helps you sign new clients, how to make marketing and sales SIMPLE and EASY so that it feels good to talk about your services and how to be in an energy where people can't help by buy from you

  • Daily Action Steps because I don't want you to just understand how to sign new clients theoretically but support you in ACTUALLY taking those steps, creating momentum and see your new dream clients knocking at your door

  • Personalized coaching! THIS is a game-changer! When you sign up for the challenge below, you have the possibility to ask me YOUR specific question or what you are currently struggling with in your business and I will coach you individually via a personal video message JUST FOR YOU!

Oh ... and did I mention it is completely FREE ?


Hi, have we met?

My name is Lisa and I am a success coach and mentor for women entrepreneurs. I have been an entrepreneur myself for over 2 years now and I coach and support other women to leap into the life & business they truly desire.


As a psychologist and NLP master practitioner and with over six years of workshop experience I have so many cool tools and insights up my sleeve and I CAN'T WAIT to support you in signing your first clients with ease.

I am absolutely passionate about helping women to create the change that they want to see in the world AND to live a life that makes them want to jump out of the bed in the morning.


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Day-By-day breakdown

Day 1

(Re-)Discover your offer's unique value

Day 2

Nail your messaging

Day 3

Build authentic connections

Day 4

Sell without being sales-y

Day 5

The secret sauce to success

How it works

  • The  FREE 5 day training will start on Monday June 21st

  • Once you are signed up, you will get an eMail from me with all the important details, how to participate in the live trainings and how to submit your question for personalized coaching

  • To participate, all you have to do is enter your information below, it is completely FREE to join!

  • Connect with me on Instagram @leapwithlisa and tell me that you are IN!

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Let's go sign some clients, shall we?

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