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During this free challenge you will:

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Daily simple and effective action steps to supercharge your content

A chance to win a 1:1 Intuitive Strategy Session with me


Hosted by Elisa Becker

If you are new here, hi! I am Lisa, a Success Coach & Business Mentor for impact-driven women like YOU!

I help you to feel fully confident in your expertise and services and to create a community of future clients through my unique combination of psychology, spirituality & tried and true visibility strategies.

I am so excited to support you in this free challenge to become the content queen you truly are!

I've personally gone from being so new to the online space, not knowing what to post for months to now OWNING my own expertise, being consistent, and - most importantly - truly ENJOYING creating content for my community and working with amazing clients thanks to my content.

And now it's YOUR turn!

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