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During the 5-day-training you will:

What's included

Daily videos

Daily powerful action steps

When you enter the Client magic training, you'll immediately receive an email with day 1 of the training right into your inbox with the first video and action step.

After that, you'll get a daily email with Day 2-5. For best results, make sure you have 20-30 minutes each day to focus on your daily video and action step!

client magic

Hosted by Elisa Becker

Hi there, I am Elisa, a business coach who combines marketing, mindset and manifestation in a powerful way to help coaches sign dream clients and do the work they truly love.

My goal is it to support you in building a thriving coaching business that not only gives you the income and impact you desire but that also feels amazing and is aligned with who you really are!

I am so excited to support you in this free challenge because I know how exhausting it can feel to try to implement all the strategies, to be on social media all the time and follow all the "expert" advice without seeing the results you desire. Through my own experience and the work I do with my 1:1 clients, I noticed that the missing piece to signing dream clients isn't to do more but to shift your energy and step into the confident coach and leader who naturally attracts clients they love to work with.  


You don't want to miss this powerful free challenge! It will be fun, actionable and - most importantly - effective!

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