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Create healthy habits for your body, mind & soul so that you have the energy, clarity and confidence you need in order to build the thriving business you want.

Start your FREE 21-day journey on November 30th!

What's it all about?



The first week of the 21 day journey we will start with integrating healthy habits around moving and nurturing your body. You will start to have more energy, feel lighter and overall feel very good and loving towards yourself and your body.



In the second week of your journey we will integrate healthy habits for your mind. You will start to talk to yourself in a new way, feel more confident and self-assured. You will also reduce your stress levels and gain a new perspective on your life.



In the third week of your journey, we will integrate habits and practices to center yourself and realign with your soul. You will feel connected and gain a sense of calmness and clarity around what is really important to you and what your purpose in your life & business really is.

What you'll get

  • Three value-packed workbooks, one for every part of your journey

  • DAILY inspirational e-mails from your's truly with additional tools & exercices to help you stay accountable

  • A community of other entrepreneurs doing it with you

  • Massive clarity & confidence to start the new year strong and to slay your 2021 business goals

  • A boost of new energy so that you can finally take the leap and make your dreams a reality

  • PLUS: A chance to win a free 60-minute coaching session with me, where we'll get clear on how you can translate your passions & interests into a profitable business. 

Oh ... and did I mention it is completely FREE ?

THIS is how to get a head start in 2021


Hi, have we met?

My name is Lisa and I am so excited to start this 21-day journey with you! I have been an entrepreneur myself for over 2 years now and I coach and support other women to leap into the life & business they truly desire.

One of the most important lessons I have learned along the way, is that as an entrepreneur I am the most important asset in my business! Only when I am confident, when I feel happy and energized can I be most valuable for my clients. That is why I made self-care and healthy habits a priority in my everyday life... I actually ran my first half-marathon during my first year as an entrepreneur! Isn't that crazy? But it gave me such a boost of confidence, self-trust and made me feel strong, powerful and like I can do ANYTHING! And that is a great headspace to be in as an entrepreneur, right?

How it works

  • We are all starting together on Monday November 30th with the 21-day journey

  • To participate, all you have to do is enter your information below, it is completely FREE to join!

  • As soon as you sign up, I will send you your starter package with the first workbook, so you can prepare for the start of your journey

  • Connect with me on Instagram @leapwithlisa and tell me your n°1 goal for this journey

  • Share with us that you are IN! Post on Instagram and use the hashtag #BalancingBMS so that we can find you and cheer you on!

sign up

Start showing up as your highest self

I honestly just love your no bullshit approach, you are real and genuine. Your workbook had great info and was very easy to follow.

Sandy B.

I am very grateful for this support, the logic in the approach, the follow-up and the awareness.

Agnès D.

I thought it was a great program and I am very proud of myself for having done this for me. 

Sarah D.

What participants of previous rounds are saying

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