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Doors are closing in:

Resting on Sup Board

Ready to elevate your money mindset while laying on the beach?

You want to enjoy your summer, I get it!


And you also want to hit those big and bold income goals in your business ASAP, right?


Well, the good news is that both are possible! Take this summer to elevate your entrepreneurial money mindset (and embody that rich girl version of you!) so that whenever you decide to go back to work, you'll sell your beautiful offers from a place of overflow, a place of magnetic confidence - and openness to magical money without you doing anything. Because who doesn't love that, right?

This is your #RichGirlSummer

How to join

Join us for just 22,- € by clicking on the button below!!!

(around 22,-$ depending on that day's conversion rate, PayPal will automatically do all the conversion for you!) 

Within 24 hours of joining, you'll receive an email with the link to the RichGirlSummer Telegram Channel where the daily audio trainings will start August1st. So be sure to download the free App Telegram before that date!


And we are all starting our #RichGirlSummer with the first audio lesson on Monday, August 1st! 

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About your host

Hey there, I am Lisa, I support coaches, healers and experts to get fully booked with soul-aligned clients through the power of marketing, mindset and manifestation. 

I am amazing at combining the spiritual with the actionable steps so that you are not only dreaming about your revenue goals but you are actually drawing them into your 3D reality!

For my online coaching and trainings I draw from my previous career as a psychologist, my expertise from being a NLP master practitioner and my 3+ years of experience in the online coaching space.

Through the perspectives, teachings and tools that I am going to be sharing with you, I was personally able to replace my previous salary with my coaching revenue, manifesting 10k of magical money in a single day and having new dream coaching clients sign up and pay in full out of the blue!

And what is even more important, I fully trust my ability to create money in my business and feel powerful and peaceful in the knowing that money is always here to support me and my desires!


❤︎ Client Love ❤︎

"In the past, I have always either received very practical steps OR spiritual guidance from coaches. Lisa was able to give me BOTH. She is so so skilled and AMAZING at what she does."

Monica D.

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