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Why I'm starting a blog

The importance of nuanced conversations, intuition and action in business

In this day and age where attention spans get shorter, it feels like a really backwards idea to start a blog. It feels very 2005 LOL.

Here’s the thing: You all know that I absolutely love short from video. I love doing reels and they corresponds to the theater kid in me and the person in me who loves to play and break things down and have fun.

But doing a ton of short-form video content, it also created this awareness for me that we simply can’t say everything in seven seconds or even 30 seconds. And when it comes to anything in life but especially starting your own business, wanting to sign your first client or wanting to hit your first 5K month, there really needs to be a nuanced conversation because there isn’t a quick fix to any of that.

And so this blog will be this nuanced conversation that honestly is really hard to find nowadays and that is so needed (raise your hand in the comment section if you feel me on this one!). I want to take the space for you to dive deeper into conversations around strategy and mindset and energy and different tools and practices, all of which will serve you massively in creating a coaching or healing business that you’re absolutely in love with and that feels like freedom to you. That feels like abundance to you!

Because this is what I do! THIS is the work I do with my clients - we are having honest chats and are diving deep - and I can’t wait to share more of the nuanced conversations and tools that will ACTUALLY help you hit your income goals!

I am quite frankly beyond excited to dive into this journey, because I know how much it will serve the people reading this blog regularly. It also is in all transparency very nerve-racking to start something like a blog in my business because you never know how people will respond to that, you will never know if people will love it or not, and if you have even the time nowadays, to read a blog (which if you don’t have the time then you know maybe you look at what you can cross off your to do list). And, it is a HUGE commitment for me!

But ultimately I have always led my business with my intuition. I wouldn’t have the business I have today if I didn’t. And starting this blog and offering more nuanced, deeper, longer conversations around things that actually matter in order to start and grow your beautiful coaching, healing or mentoring business is worthwhile, and it is a risk that I am more than willing to take because it is so near and dear to my heart.

And because I love action steps (and you will learn that about me very quickly if you didn’t) for everyone reading this blog, I really want to offer you three action steps in regards to utilizing this blog and getting the MOST out of it!

How to get unlock your business success through this blog

  1. So your step one: I’m committing to one new article every week so that means that every Friday you can come here and look for your new article. Even though, yes I want them to be longer conversations, I promise I will never write an article where it takes you 30 minutes to read, so don’t be scared. So your first actions step is to commit with me to this journey and come back every Friday for you weekly dose of inspiration, honesty, and coaching!

  2. The second thing I want you to do is to always take away something and to really implement what I’m talking about! Because nowadays there’s so much information out there. We live in a society where information is for us to consume in abundance. And the gap that often happens is that you are not implementing what you’re reading, right? So maybe you are reading about a mindset tool that helps you to feel more confident as a coach in your business. Great!! But what happens is that you read this thinking „Yes!! That sounds great. I should do that!“ And what do you do? Nothing! And because I’m writing this blog not just for funsies but I want this to ACTUALLY serve you and change the experience you have in your business (a.k.a. grow your audience, sign your first clients, and hit those income goals), I want you to commit to implementing the things that I’m talking about as much as I am committing to writing this block every week. Deal? Deal!

  3. Go with your gut! I have been in the online coaching space for over four years now and I have been working as a freelancer coach and workshop facilitator for even longer than that. I know what is working in the online space and what is not working. I have a masters in psychology, and really know my sh*t when it comes to mindset practices and how to rewire your brain for success, and how important it is to look at things like your stress responses in order to build your nervous-system friendly business. And: Please take what serves you and leave the rest! Note that I’m not saying "take what resonates" and leave the rest, because sometimes (or often actually) things that resonate with us are things we already know and maybe you will come and read an article over here that makes you feel uncomfortable or I’ll propose something that brings up anxiety or feels like you can’t do it. This, my friend is not your gut talking. This is fear talking or limiting beliefs talking or your comfort zone talking. And we want to pay attention to that, right? We want to regulate ourselves and move through our emotions in a healthy way in order to build our nervous-system friendly business that doesn’t feel like a threat. AND in order to be and have something that we’ve never had before we need to open ourselves up to new ideas and begin to be comfortable getting uncomfortable and take actions that we haven’t taken before. But with all that being said, over time (especially reading this blog on a regular basis and implementing the strategies and exercises), you will be able to distinguish better and better if your fear is talking to you or your gut! And when your gut and your intuition say to do something or not do something I want you to listen to this very important part of you. That part that is wise beyond measure.

OK now that this is all out-of-the-way, I am so excited to start this journey with you. It would be my pleasure to see who is reading this blog, and especially if you like what you’re reading, I would love for you to share this article so hit the share button !

And as a token of my appreciation and gratitude to you, if you share this article to your Instagram and you tag me @leapwithlisa (and by the way, make sure that your Instagram profile is public, otherwise I will not see that you tagged me in your stories or posts) you’ll be entered to win a 45-minute coaching session with me!!!

Every month I am drawing a winner because I want to thank you for not only reading this blog but also sharing this information with the people you know. This will be an amazing journey for both of us and if you ever have questions, then you can always find me and reach out to me on my Instagram.

Talk to you soon!

Want to dive deeper into this conversation?

I recently did a livestream where I chatted all about need for more nuanced conversation if you want to call in your coaching clients online! Catch the replay by clicking below:

At one point, sharing TikToks or Reels won’t be enough in order to hit your revenue goals in business!

I know that short-form video content are all the rage (and you know I love my Reels!!), but if you are only focusing on THAT chances are that you are not getting the conversion rates you were hoping for, right?

So let’s change that!

In this video I’m sharing with you:

✅ Why consuming short AND long-form content is a game-changer for learning

✅ What type of content makes your audience want to buy from you

✅ When to create short- and when to create long-form content to grow your business and clientele faster

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