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A free mindset mastery coaching call

Unlocking Success

This free 30-minute coaching call is for you if you currently (or maybe for some time now) feel stuck in your online coaching or healing business, it feels like you are constantly hitting roadblocks and just not making the progress you want - and maybe even ending up feeling defeated because somehow all of those other coaches you follow on Instagram are making millions just by visualizing it! 

I know how frustrating that can be, and how puzzling it can feel to not know what you are doing "wrong" or what needs to shift. I've been there myself. But I want you to know that you're not alone and there's a solution.

As someone with a master's in psychology, I've seen how mindset blocks can hold us back massively from reaching our goals. This can look like:

  • Negative self-talk and self-doubt that keeps you from taking action because you are constantly comparing your content, your offers and skills to other (more successful) coaches online

  • Fear of failure or rejection that stops you from reaching out to potential clients or customers

  • Procrastination and lack of motivation that prevents you from staying focused and taking action on the things you know would move your business forward

When it comes to mindset challenges and how to best handle them, the problem is that there are a million different mindset practices and energetic practices out there - just open TikTok and you'll probably see ten new "no-fail" mindset "hacks" that you "have to do" LOL

... and trying to keep up with of all those or figuring out which one makes sense for you can be so overwhelming. And so a lot of people end up not doing any mindset practices or switch to a new one every other week - and hence they end up NOT moving past their mindset blocks holding them back!

But here's the game-changer:
By identifying your specific mindset blocks and implementing the right practices that address them, you'll see real progress in your business!

This is why I am offering a free 30-minute Mindset Mastery Coaching Call

During our call, we'll have a real, honest conversation about what's been holding you back, and I'll give you actionable steps to move forward. We'll work on specific examples of how you can overcome your mindset blocks and make progress in your online business, as well as help you to know which mindset practices to implement that specifically helps you.

So, if you're ready to take your online business to the next level and overcome the blocks that are holding you back, sign up now for your Mindset Mastery Coaching Call below. I can't wait to chat with you and help you unlock your success!

In order to book your free call, just click on the button above. You will be redirected to my calendar where you can choose a date and time that suits you.* You will be then asked to fill out a pre-call questionnaire that helps me to tailor the call specifically to you so that we make the most out of our time together.

*If for any reason you cant find a call time that works for you (i.e. due to different time zones) just send me an email HERE and I am sure we can work something out!

You'll walk away from this call ...

❤︎ with greater awareness around what exactly is holding you back from the success you desire to achieve in your online business

❤︎ with your custom-tailored mindset practice that addresses your specific blocks and needs in order to unlock your success and start attracting those clients

❤︎ knowing your next action steps to make your first sale, hit those 5k months, or fill up your coaching practice


Hi, have we met?

My name is Lisa and I support coachers, healers, and mentors to start and grow their online businesses with heart, integrity and true value.


As a psychologist and NLP master practitioner, I am an expert around all things mindset and I am obsessed with helping my clients unlock their true potential through shifting old identities, thought patterns and stories so that hitting your revenue goals in business becomes easy!

I also practice what I preach and have developed my own mindset practice over the last 4+ years of running my business, that helped me to double my former salary and bring in true dream clients on repeat!

What past clients are saying

"(...) Lisa was able to use her own intuition and ask questions to help me hear my own to guide me in such practical ways. In the past, I have always either received very practical steps OR spiritual guidance from coaches. Lisa was able to give me BOTH. She is so so skilled and AMAZING at what she does." 

- Monica D. 

"(...) Working with Elisa was an absolute joy!

I cannot describe how much it helped me to take the next step in my journey to run my own business.

Whenever I felt stuck or fearful of the future Elisa knew all the techniques needed to help me push through."


- Sonja V.

"(...) Lisa’s unique coaching style has been instrumental in helping me change the trajectory of both my personal and professional growth and to make me excited about my life again! Thank you, Lisa. I could not have done it without you!" 

- Nina D.

"Lisa has a peaceful presence and she listens with great depth and care about what your true values and desires are. She asks poignant questions to help you identify how you are meant to share your gifts and passions in the world.  If you have been struggling to find clarity on your purpose and career path in life then book a Clarity Call with Lisa. In a short amount of time she helped me gain clarity and gave me a focused direction to take on my purpose in life. I am so grateful for Lisa and her ability to see beyond my overflow of ideas and really help me breakdown what matters most to me. I feel relieved and excited for what's to come now ! Thank you Lisa!" 

- Kelly K. 

"In one call, Lisa helped me get clear on what career I wanted to pursue. It was a relief for me to finally have clarity to pick just ONE thing and feel confident in my decision. I was a bit nervous to get on the call because it was my first time talking with a coach but Lisa made me feel at ease right away, she is so down to earth I felt no pressure at all the whole time. If you're feeling lost, definitely get on a call with her!" 

- Amanda L.

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