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Everyone in the online space makes you think that you need to learn more in order to be successful, but what if that wasn't true?

What if knowing more isn't the answer? Because despite enrolling in various courses on online marketing, reading up books about success habits and consuming all the free advice on online businesses on Insta and FB, you ...


... You are still in your 9-5 and asking yourself when you'll ever be able to quit your job and work full-time in YOUR business.

... You are not sure about how to move forward and what action steps to actually take.

... You still haven't signed any clients (or you feel like the few that you did sign don't count because you took them on for free, they are friends of yours or just feel like lucky coincidences that you don't know how to replicate).

... You feel stuck wondering how to translate all of your passions and interests into an actual business.

... You crash on your couch watching Netflix after work, feeling too drained to work on that website, reach out to potential clients or post on social media.

... You still feel like the newbie when it comes to your online business.

...You are doubting yourself and your abilities to create the success that you see others achieve.

What if instead of learning more, you just needed to take action on the things you already knew?

What if ...

​... You fully trusted yourself as the CEO of your business?


... You knew exactly what action steps to take in order to start and grow your online business, market your services and sign your first clients?

... You could quit your 9-5 working in a business that is in alignment with your purpose, your personality and your passions?

... You could make more money working less hours than in your current day job?

... Working in your business felt fun, exciting and easy?

... You were full of confidence about the service you offer?

... You knew exactly how to sign new clients in a way that feels good and in integrity with you and you knew that you can do it again and again?


This is the missing piece!

Most of the online courses or programs out there just throw so much information at you with the result of maybe feeling inspired but ultimately too overwhelmed to take action. The big problem I have seen there is that those kinds of programs make it way too easy to stay in your comfort zone and hide behind your screen.

But what is actually getting you the results you want, is to take action! I am not allowing you to hide! 

Everything that is included in Leap Together went through the lense of "Is this helping you to take action in your business?"

I know it is scary. This is why I am here to support you through it! This will be the difference maker for you to overcome the hurdles that keep people stuck in being busy without anything to show for and ultimately bailing on their online businesses.

Together, we are taking action on the things that do matter! And on the other side of that is a whole other level of freedom, abundance and fulfillment!

You know you desire more!

And you should! You are not supposed to stay in a job that doesn't fulfill your anymore!

You are meant to thrive!

You are meant to live the life of your dreams, to inspire others, to wake up excited for the work you are doing, the clients you are serving and the abundance you are creating!

Don't put your dream life on the back burner anymore, don't waste another year feeling stuck, staying in student mode and not seeing any real progress in your online business! 

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A 3-months community-based coaching program for new and aspiring online entrepreneurs, designed to support you in staying accountable, knowing where to focus your energy, and taking aligned action so that you finally reach all of your business goals!

Starting March 4th

The 4 pillars of Leap Together


Aligned  action

Taking action is powerful! But it has to be action that is aligned with who you are, what you want and what feels good to you! 

I deeply believe that what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another one. That is why in Leap Together you won't find any generic 6-steps blueprints that "work for everyone".


Instead you will get individual support, ideas, options and a personalized action plan that takes into account where you are at. You will be able to create your own curriculum so that you get the most out of those 3 months working together. 

Confetti Girl

Supercharge your actions

In order for your action steps to yield the most powerful results you HAVE to back yourself up! Backing yourself up means thinking thoughts in alignment with what you want.

As a psychologist, I understand deeply how fears, worries, subconscious blocks and thought patterns can hold you back and lead to self-sabotage and procrastination. 

This is why in Leap Together, you will get the mindset tools and coaching you need in order to release what is no longer serving you on your way to becoming the successful CEO, signing clients on repeat and creating the life and business you know you desire.

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Focused energy

I am not a believer in doing #AllTheThings! Thinking you have to be on all the platforms, execute on all the marketing strategies and working 24/7 is the fastest way to burnout and resenting the business you chose for yourself.

This is why in Leap Together we are going to focus on what actually matters and on what truly brings you the results you want, the clients you want and the impact you want.

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Women Holding Hands


In Leap Together you won't be left alone. I will hold you accountable to doing the things you decided on. We will meet up virtually to plan our monthly content together, have CEO days to strategize and monthly group coaching calls to check in with each other.


 Plus, you'll have a place outside of Facebook or any other social media platform to check in with your community of like-minded people who are on the same journey as you are. 

Women Holding Hands

You will get:

12 modules 

In 12 modules that each consists of a video and a workbook I am guiding you through a unique decision making process where we'll go over everything from offer creation to mindset practices and marketing strategies.

The videos are intentionally short and sweet, and with every video comes a powerful workbook and action step!

I will make it super simple for you and always give you options to choose what feels best for you and your business!

Monthly coaching calls

We are meeting up once a month over zoom for a group coaching session. This is your time to get hot seat coaching with me and work through any limiting beliefs, fears or mindset blocks that come up along the way. 

As a psychologist and NLP master practitioner with years of workshop experience, this is my superpower!

Monthly CEO Days

Once a month you will take a day where you are just working ON your business instead of working IN your business.


 I will give you a process and templates so that you can look at and reflect on what is currently working, what isn't working and how you can adjust and make little tweaks to your strategy, your mindset, your schedule and habits to move forward even faster in your business.

Monthly Workshops

Each month, the Leap Together participants are voting on which topic they want to dive in deeper - that can be mindset, marketing strategy, work-life balance, sales calls ... whatever is important for where you are at.


You will have the opportunity to join the workshop live via zoom or watch the replay, whatever works for you and your schedule!

Monthly content planning sessions

Each month we are going to meet up on zoom and plan our content for the month ahead together. 

This is your time to get things done so that you have all of your posts ready to go during the rest of the month! I'll be there to answer questions and support you through the planning process!

Weekly office hours

Because there can always be a bump on the road, a specific question or a moment where you feel stuck and don't know how to proceed: In this program you are never just left alone with your questions. There will be designated office hours every week where you can get support for anything that comes up!

A supportive community

Magical things happen when you are around people with the same goal and intention. Together we will hold each other accountable, cheer each other on, lean on each other and celebrate each other!

This community will be held outside of Facebook so that you won't be distracted every time you check in but you'll have a sacred space just for you and your business growth!

Your personalized roadmap

Because there is no one-size-fits-all and I want you to take the action steps that makes sense for YOU specifically, you'll get get an assessment in the beginning of Leap Together where I'll walk you through my system on how to create your own personal action plan for the 3 months of Leap Together.


Module breakdown

Module 1: Setting your goals and intentions

Module 2: Discovering your superpowers

Module 3: Your passions & interests

Module 4: Your purpose & business idea

Module 5: Your business idea, niche and name

Module 6: Your success mindset

Module 7: Creating your profitable offer

Module 8: Registering your business & other scary things

Module 9: Deciding on your social media platform & content

Module 10: Create your client path

Module 11: Create your website

Module 12: Your marketing strategy and plan

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Your investment

Leap Together is priced at 622, - €* for the 3 months.

(Approx. 700,-US$ depending on that day's conversion rate)

You can also choose the monthly payment plan for 222, - €* per month! 

(Approx. 250,-US$ depending on that day's conversion rate)


*All prices in Euros. Conversion into your currency will happen through PayPal.

By purchasing your Leap Together spot you agree to the Terms & Conditions. 

What happens after you sign up?

When you purchase your spot via one of the two payment links above, you will immediately receive a payment confirmation via PayPal. Within 24 hours you will receive your official welcome email and invitation to the Leap Together community from me, so keep an eye on your inbox!

You can then join the community right away, explore everything and introduce yourself. That means, if you sign up early, you'll get a couple of bonus days and you can already get started with some of the materials like the assessment and modules and sign up for the upcoming events.


Meet Elisa Becker,
Psychology based business coach for new and aspiring entrepreneurs

Through the experience with her 1:1 coaching clients and as a psychologist and NLP master practitioner, Elisa knows exactly what drives people to take action, what is holding them back and how to support people in moving past any blocks, fears and self-sabotage. She uses all of her knowledge and experience to do what she feels most passionate about - supporting others to live life to the fullest and create impactful businesses. 

After years of experience of doing workshops and in-person group coaching, Elisa started her online business journey in 2018 while moving to south of France. Even though she had the coaching expertise, she often doubted herself if she can create that successful business she desired. So she looked to various "experts" in the industry, soaking up all of the wisdom and information she could get her hands on. But even though every expert said that they had the missing ingredient, nothing they said ended up moving her business forward. After over a year of dabbling between different offer ideas, buying online courses on marketing and sales, putting in hours, money and energy with nothing to show for, Elisa made a decision: To finally trust herself, to stop looking for the one "secret to success", decide on a simple strategy that feels good and show up and execute on that consistently and invest in actual support to help her stay on track.

This is where everything changed! 

Elisa started signing clients, raising her prices, growing her audience and her business and finally feeling confident as the CEO of her business. And what is even more important is that she feels happy and excited in her day-to-day life, knowing how to reach the business goals she set for herself and in love with all the clients she works with.

Now she is helping women on a mission like you to do the same because she knows that the real secret to success in business isn't some marketing strategy but to step into your CEO mindset and take consistent action from that place! In her work Elisa combines life purpose coaching, business coaching and psychology in a unique way. It is through that mix of identity work, mindset and energetic practices with the tangible, doable action steps that you will achieve anything your heart desires.

Client love

From business chaos to a coherent marketing strategy that feels good

I came to Elisa because I had a sense of "chaos" in my business. I felt I was not bringing across the message I wanted to have my audience understand what I can support them with as a Coach and Elisa helped me find the red thread and to bring together all those pieces I had into one coherent strategy. Her way of making strategy feel good to ME was exactly what I needed support on and I am amazed how much we covered in just one session!!!

Daria M.

Discovering your passion, purpose and building a new career 

"The purpose of my 3 month coaching with Lisa was to find my real passion and build a career on it, next to my main job as a marketing manager - a job I was and still am happy with but that I was not as passionate about as I would have liked to be. Lisa helped me unlock my dreams and gave me the means to achieve them, as well. 


I especially enjoyed the coaching calls with her, which were very diverse and included exercises like meditations or creating mind maps but also very intense talks that challenged me and brought out sides of myself I did not even know existed. 


Thanks to Lisa, not only did I find my true passion and am now building my career as a family photographer, but also learned how to overcome any obstacles along the way, mainly the ones I tend to form myself (hello self-doubt and perfectionism!). I applause myself for booking that coaching with her and would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to find his true career purpose and passion!"

Victoria B.

Support through a difficult phase, feeling empowered to finally register that business

"The coaching with Elisa has supported me particularly in finding the guiding theme of my life and in getting to know my personal challenges better thanks to the empathetic reflection with her. Elisa has a great, considerate approach and can easily empathize with her clients, so that one has the feeling of talking to a good friend. The time has supported me in a difficult phase of life, in the middle of upheaval between two jobs to get my inner alignment and clarity about my future path. Through the coaching, I felt empowered and built inner resources to finally, after a year, register my freelance business. What I particularly admired is that she does not simply reel off a program, but always adapts to the needs and is fully present in the matter, at the same time the coaching has always exuded a certain lightness and joy."

Maria K.

Creating a concrete plan for the next 6 months

"Thank you so much for working with me to bring my dream business into reality! When I first signed up for the call I was quite nervous and didn't know what to expect. As soon as we were on the call I felt at ease and could relax completely. You gave me so much room for my dreams and made them possible for me to achieve! Before our meeting I had no clue what my business would be and now I can see it clearly and am excited to get started. Having a concrete plan for the next six months is giving me so much peace and confidence around the whole business creating process. I loved working with you and am sure I will seek you out again if I ever run into a roadblock along the way."

Sonja V.

Frequently asked questions

1. What happens after I sign up?

After completing your purchase you will receive a payment confirmation from PayPal. Within 24 hours wou will also receive your official welcome e-mail with everything you need to know. 

2. Can I join if I am not yet clear about what my offer is about?

YES, absolutely!! You don't need to have an offer right now or even know what your offer will be! Going through the process and the exercises that I provide will help you to get clearer about what it is you want to offer in your business and what feels most aligned for you there! If you already have an idea about your first offer, that is great, too! Leap Together is adapting to where you are at right now!

3. How is this program different from other business building courses? 

"Leap Together" is a unique program based on mindset, coaching support, actionable steps and accountability. While other online courses just give you all the information and leave you with it, "Leap Together" supports you  every step of the way!

4. How much time commitment will this be?

Listen, I know that you are probably a busy bee. Whether you are a mom and/or you have a full-time job, "Leap Together" is made to fit your lifestyle! After all, the whole idea around it is to finally be able to take action towards your dream business! That is why the video modules are all under 20 minutes so you are not watching me talk for hours! The monthly group coaching calls will be around an hour as well as the workshops. Both of those you can either join live or catch the replay whenever fits your schedule best! I will also support you in this program to figure out a schedule that works for you and your lifestyle and you will be able to build a business with however many hours you have in your week!

5. Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of the program I do NOT offer refunds. This is all about accountability and as a psychologist I know that sometimes our brain freaks out and wants to quit! So instead of letting you opt out I will support you when that happens and hold you accountable to your vision and your commitment to yourself!

6. I am still not sure if this is for me. Can we chat first?

Of course! I want you to make the best decision for you, your life and your business! You can either send me an email with all of your questions to or reach out on Instagram and send me a text or voice message @leapwithlisa!

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