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Your booked-out-business
Coaching Intensive

A 90-minute coaching call to help you design your client path, integrate selling into your content in a soul-aligned AND effective way and design your simple sales strategy to your booked out business in 2022!

This is for you if ...

  • You are showing up on social media but it feels hard to convert your audience into paying clients.

  • You want to sign your first client OR you already had a few clients but feel like you don't know how to replicate your sales.

  • You don't want to be spammy and bug people with your offers all the time.

  • You are searching for a way to make sales in your business in a way that is congruent with your values and what feels good to YOU.

Being yourself is your secret superpower!

I want you to know that it is possible for you ... 

  • To feel good about your sales strategy!

  • To sign soul-aligned clients with ease!

  • To show up authentically on social media without trying to convince people to opt into your services by pretending you have it all "figured out"!

  • To create a booked out business by focusing on service and your positive impact in the world!

  • To feel 100% confident in your ability to sign new clients whenever you want to!

During the 90-minute coaching call we will:

  • Map out your aligned conversion strategy so you know exactly how to move a person from your audience to your paid offer

  • Integrate selling into your social media content in a way that feel fun, easy and authentic to you

  • Design your unique marketing and sales plan for your abundant and successful 2022

How it works

The virtual intensive coaching session is 90 minutes long. We will meet up via zoom​, but before we do, you will fill out a pre-session questionnaire so that I can adapt the session to your specific needs and situation. That way you will get the MOST out of those 90 minutes with me!

After the session you will receive your 2022 strategy and action plan in written form.

Your investment

 444,- €  (around 500 US$ depending on the conversion rate of that day)

* Payment is made via PayPal. Prices are in euros, but PayPal shows you the current conversion rate if you live outside of the European Union. As this is a one time payment you don't need a PayPal account in order to proceed with the payment.

booked out biz intensive

How to book your Intensive

I have limited availability for those Intensive sessions. In order to secure your spot, click on the button below and choose the date and time that fits you best. 

Once you scheduled your Intensive Session, you will receive the payment link as well as the link to our zoom call. 

Still have questions?

I want you to be a "Hell YES!" when it comes to investing and working with me. That is why, if you have any questions about the intensive, don't hesitate to send me an email clicking HERE. I'd love to support you in making the best decision possible for your business.

intensive booking

Hi, have me met?

My name is Lisa and I am a psychology-based business coach for new and aspiring online entrepreneurs. 

 I am absolutely passionate about supporting women to create the change that they want to see in the world AND to live a life of abundance and the level of succcess they truly desire.

As a psychologist and NLP master practitioner I know that there is no one-size-fits-all and that your personality, your unique perspective, strengths and values are what will help you sign clients in a way that fits YOU! And I am here to help you uncover exactly how to do that!


Client Love

From business chaos to a coherent marketing strategy that feels good

I came to Elisa because I had a sense of "chaos" in my business. I felt I was not bringing across the message I wanted to have my audience understand what I can support them with as a Coach and Elisa helped me find the red thread and to bring together all those pieces I had into one coherent strategy.

Her way of making strategy feel good to ME was exactly what I needed support on and I am amazed how much we covered in just one session!!!

Daria M.

Getting into inner alignment

The coaching with Elisa has supported me particularly in finding the guiding theme of my life and in getting to know my personal challenges better thanks to the empathetic reflection with her. Elisa has a great, considerate approach and can easily empathize with her clients, so that one has the feeling of talking to a good friend. The time has supported me in a difficult phase of life, in the middle of upheaval between two jobs to get my inner alignment and clarity about my future path. Through the coaching, I felt empowered and built inner resources to finally, after a year, register my freelance business. What I particularly admired is that she does not simply reel off a program, but always adapts to the needs and is fully present in the matter, at the same time the coaching has always exuded a certain lightness and joy.

Maria K.

Creating a success plan for the next 6 months

Thank you so much for working with me to bring my dream business into reality! When I first signed up for the call I was quite nervous and didn't know what to expect. As soon as we were on the call I felt at ease and could relax completely. You gave me so much room for my dreams and made them possible for me to achieve!


Before our meeting I had no clue what my business would be and now I can see it clearly and am excited to get started. Having a concrete plan for the next six months is giving me so much peace and confidence around the whole business creating process. I loved working with you and am sure I will seek you out again if I ever run into a roadblock along the way.

Sonja V.

Kelly K.

In a short amount of time she helped me gain clarity and gave me a focused direction to take on my purpose in life.


I am so grateful for Lisa and her ability to see beyond my overflow of ideas and really help me breakdown what matters most to me. I feel relieved and excited for what's to come now ! 

Yvonne M.

The session itself was enjoyable for me: accessible, simple and effective.

I notice that in the short term, I feel more focused. I do my morning ritual every morning now. 


I enjoyed all aspects of the session: the coaching and the support, this presence helps with self-discipline.

Victoria B.

Lisa helped me unlock my dreams and gave me the means to achieve them, as well. 


I especially enjoyed the coaching calls with her, which were very diverse and included exercises like meditations or creating mind maps but also very intense talks that challenged me and brought out sides of myself I did not even know existed. 

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