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Get first access by signing up for the waitlist today!

If you are ready to take the leap into your own successful business and you want a place where you not only learn the steps to get there, but where you will get true support to actually take those, "Leap together" is for you!

"Leap together" is a group coaching experience unlike anything you have seen before!

If you are struggling with:

  • Getting your online business off the ground

  • Signing your first clients

  • Taking action on the things you KNOW you should do

  • Doubting your ability to serve others in a meaningful way

  • Always feeling like a newbie in this online space

  • Fearing that the market is too oversaturated

  • Downloading all the freebies and taking all the courses but somehow staying stuck in student mode

... Then "Leap Together" is for you!

What I have seen time and time again with clients (and also in my own entrepreneurial journey) is that what seperates you from the life of a successful, truly fulfilled and abundant entrepreneur that you want is NOT accumulating more information (aka getting all the online-courses and freebies...) but to take ACTION on the things you already do know!

In a unique way I am combining my psychology degree, NLP practices, mindset and energetic work with a very actionable, structured step-by-step plan to help you figure out what business you want to create, what offers are truly aligned with your purpose and how to attract your dream clients to you.

"Leap Together" will contain:

  • Powerful group coaching calls to help you work through limiting beliefs and stop self-sabotaging your way to success

  • Video materials where I teach you in a concise way what actually moves the needle forward and what to focus on so that you know exactly what to do at any time

  • Templates so that you can rinse and repeat your most important business processes

  • Workshops on content planning, creating your personal mindset routine and more

  • Office hours to assist you with any question that might come up along the way

  • CEO days to reflect on what is working and what needs tweaking in your strategy

  • Community support so that you stay accountable and finally take action towards your purpose driven online business

You basically get the support of a 1:1 coaching program without the price tag! 

This won't be another online course that you never finish, this is the place where you finally TAKE ACTION towards your goals and dreams!

BUT, since this is the first time I am launching "Leap together" there will be limited spots available. So you better get that booty of yours on the waitlist!!! :) 

Of course, signing up for the waitlist doesn't obligate you to anything!


When you sign up for the waitlist ...

  • You will be the first to know when "Leap together" is launching so that you can secure your spot right away

  • You will get an exclusive 20% off the total price 

  • You will receive a special 1:1 bonus call before the program starts as a thank you


I wouldn't wait!

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