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Social Media Reset

A customized 2-months coaching program, crafted to completely overhaul your visibility strategy and the results you get.

Imagine sipping your oat milk latte at your favorite cafe, opening Instagram and finding a DM from somebody who has been engaging with your posts for a couple of weeks now, telling you HOW MUCH your content has already changed their life and helped them, and now they really want to take that next step and start working with you! 

And because your content is SO true to WHO you really are and so CLEAR about who you are here to serve, your sales call feels so organic and natural and your new client is an immediate full-body YES!

This is the power of a clear message and your aligned and personal visibility plan.


This program is for you if you ...

  • Have been using social media for your business for some time now, but you still struggle to sign clients through your content

  • You feel like you are not super consistent with your messaging and you don't exactly feel like the thought leader you'd love to be

  • You know you WANT to use social media for your marketing, but you currently don't feel like it's working very well

If this is you, then it's time for your Social Media Reset!

What''s it all about?

Hit the Reset button

Instead of just continuing to put out content hoping it'll one day lead to more clients, we'll go back to the true foundations. Together, we'll look at your core message, who you want to call in, why people need to hire YOU, and more. By the end of the 2 months, you'll have a rock-solid system for consistency, a core message that resonates deeply with your ideal clients, and a magnetic content strategy so that you attract a community of raving fans and customers who can't get enough of you.

Tailored Strategies

At Leap with Lisa, we understand that every woman is unique, and every business is unique! And it is my job to make your uniqueness your superpower! This is why I'll support you to GO DEEP during our 2 months and I'll give you detailed feedback on your completed worksheets as well as a video review and feedback of your social media presence so you know EXACTLY what to tweak for maximum results!

Breaking through blocks

Now, I get it. You might be thinking, "But what about my visibility blocks? Will this program really help me overcome them?" Absolutely! That's precisely what we'll tackle together. Thanks to my master's in psychology and years of coaching experience, this is my absolute superpower! We'll dive deep into your individual visibility blocks, dissolve them, and unleash your authentic brilliance. Say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to unshakable confidence!

On-the-go support

I want this program to seamlessly fit into your busy life. That is why you'll get 1:1 coaching on the go through convenient 1:1 voice and text message support. This is your chance to glow and grow, no matter where life takes you. 

No more second-guessing or playing small. You're ready to take up space, confidently sharing your message with the world. And I am in your back pocket, every step of the way!

Hi, have we met yet?

I am Elisa Becker, your Visibility Coach and Business Mentor! You can call me Lisa - as all my friends do! 😊

I help you to get visible with ease and authenticity and to take up space feeling FULLY confident in your expertise.

With my master's in psychology, professional background in theater, over 8 years of coaching experience and 5 years of running my own online coaching business, I am THE best coach to give you a complete transformation when it comes to sharing your expertise with confidence, tapping into your creativity, and finally stepping into the spotlight so that your future clients can find you and hire you! 


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This is what you get inside
your Social Media Reset

1 / One 90-minute Visibility Intensive

Scheduled at your convenience within the 2-month period! This is your place to go DEEP and rewire your visibility psychology! PLUS, you'll get personalized affirmations after our call for your continued mindset practice.

2 / Structured transformational worksheets 

Every week, I'm sending you a customized worksheet that will help you hit all of the necessary social media foundations you need to sign clients online. This is where the magic and clarity happens because I am personally reviewing EVERY worksheet once you are done to give you additional ideas and help you to dive deeper! No surface level client avatar under my watch :)

3 / My eyes on your business & content

I'll be putting all of my experience, knowledge, and analytical eye to work for you! You'll get detailed feedback on your bio, feed, and anything else you'd like me to review.

4 / On-the-go support for guidance and accountability

You'll have access to me as your 1:1 coach wherever you go through voice and text messaging. I am here to hold space for your wins, your struggles, your vision, help you brainstorm, and coach you through every stuck point and moment of self-doubt for maximum results!

Without your clear core message and confidence in who you help, it's very hard for your future clients to see why they should hire you!

I'm here to help you change that! Let's do this!


Your investment

The investment for your Social Media Reset is 1250,- €

* limited spots available

I currently don't have any open coaching spots!

If you want to be the first to know once an opportunity to work with me opens up, sign up for the waitlist below!


If you want to discuss payment plans, you can send me an email HERE.

What a past client are saying 

The BEST investment I've made in my business ( and myself <3 )

Working with Lisa has been the BEST decision I have made for my business all year. I knew when I saw Lisa's content online that she was the coach that I needed to support me in making a noticeable shift happen in my coaching business. I'm a very passionate and emotional person and I also am a firm believer in finding a good work life balance. What I've learned is that part of this comes from making decisions from an aligned place. Unfortunately, my brain was so cluttered with information from multiple sources before I worked with Lisa, that I was having trouble doing this. But through her expertise, Lisa helped me see multiple options and her recommendations were so aligned with what I was feeling inside that I was able to make new systems that worked for me and how I want to run my business. Her ability to listen deeply, provide suggestions, and send permission slips as needed, has helped me grow as individual and a business owner this year in a way that is completely authentic to me. I HIGHLY recommend Lisa's services because I know if not for her support I wouldn't have so much clarity around my niche and services. That clarity is already bring me opportunities I've been dreaming of for months! Thank you, thank you, thank you Lisa!!

Brenna P. - Life Purpose Coach

Lisa was great for the development of myself as a coach and helped me keep to my vision.

I got a supportive direct path that kept me on the vision. Lisa was very good at navigating my habit of hopping on and hopping off ideas that I would never followed through with. She helped me believe in myself and gave me great confidence in my work, which ultimately led to me making my first sale, and many others after that and my first successful launch of my program!

Chantel H. - Intuitive Mindset Mentor

Working with Lisa was life changing!

I came across Lisa one year ago, right after I graduated from a coach training program. I remember feeling lost on how to get my business off the ground. I was putting in so much effort with little results. I got off our first session together thinking, "That was the best coaching call I've ever been a part of!". It only got better from there. Through our work together, I went from feeling confused, exhausted and frustrated to being in love in with my business. Not only did I grow as a business owner, but as a person. So many areas of my life are improved as a result of our work together. I am proud to say I left my 9-5 in October of 2022 and my business is thriving. I even have a team to support me. I couldn't recommend Lisa more!

Laura D. - Preferred Pets Nashville

Lisa helps you do the deep work!

Lisa has an incredible ability to simplify business strategy and help you implement things in your business that work for you based on your needs. She pulls from her experience to help you tailor new strategies that work for you and your business.

She's been able to help me simplify and put together new systems and schedules that help me keep organized, motivated and on track in business.

Beyond that, she does an incredible job of helping you work through the mindset stuff. And I cannot express how important that was for me during our work together.

With her help and guidance, we were able to uncover some deep-rooted beliefs and fears that were holding me back, and she was able to provide me with tools to help me work through those things.

When I look back at how I felt about myself, my business and my confidence before and after working with Lisa, it's a night and day difference.

Now I feel capable and confident in my ability to be a good coach and to build a business that feels good and works. I walked away from our 6 months together with a deep knowing that no matter what life throws at me going forward, I have everything I need to create success for myself and my family.

Valorie Z. - Life Alchemy Coaching

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