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Attract new clients on repeat through IG Reels and TikTok

❤︎ This is perfect for you, if you are a coach, healer or expert online (or you aspire to be one) and you desire to sign more 1:1 clients or fill up your programs

❤︎ You know that Reels and other short-form video content is key in order to get more eyes on your biz and your offer, but you either feel super weird trying to film a reel that goes viral, overwhelmed by all the trends you have to keep up with or you simply feel resistance creating the same videos as everyone else does and you are not sure how THIS will attract more coaching clients to you

❤︎ In the Reel Queen Bootcamp, you will learn how to use short-form video like Reels in a way that feels authentic to you AND how you can leverage those videos to sign clients (instead of feeling like all you do all day is creating content instead of actually coaching people)

❤︎ My intention with this bootcamp is to support you to become the most confident version of YOURSELF, to become aware of what your visibility superpower is and how to powerfully use THAT to shine bright (aka stand out from the crowd who is all doing the same "trending" stuff), share your beautiful message and attract your ideal clients through your social media content 

We are doing things differently over here

Dancing is not your thing? You'd rather pull out your hair than pointing to text bubbles? 

Or maybe you love to do funny skits but you are afraid that it makes you seem unprofessional?

The Reel Queen Bootcamp is not about rules, about frantically keeping up with trends or emulating other successful coaches online!

It's about getting to know, revealing, trusting and expressing YOUR creativity!!!

Your unique voice and expertise!

Because you know what?

THIS is what will call in clients who are ready to work with YOU!!! (And it's a hella lot more fun, too!)


3 Workshops

Get your pens out because once a week you'll get a deep dive class where you'll learn everything you need when it comes to creating short-form video content that is unique to you and that attracts new clients with ease.


3 live trainings

Because knowledge isn't power but the application of knowledge is power, we'll do a live group training via zoom every week where I'll lead you through powerful exercises around creativity and self-expression. This is also your time to get coached and experience major breakthroughs.

Women Holding Hands

Support and community

Any new pursuit becomes easier, more effective and more fun when you have like-minded souls doing it with you! You'll not only feel inspired by those around you stepping into their Reel Queen selves, but you'll also receive daily support in our community!

This isn't your standard "How to do Reels" training

This is a bootcamp where you'll step into the 2.0 version of yourself ... or more accurately - reveal the person you have been all along!!! It is time to express your unique style and attract your audience and your new clients powerfully and authentically to you!

We are using theatre exercises to loosen up, get creative and express ourselves. And also, have fun along the way! And while this bootcamp is about creating magnetic Reels and other short-form video content, this will also help you feel more confident when you are speaking in front of groups, giving workshops, and showing up in any other way in front of an audience! Yep, that is the power of knowing your unique superpowers and having the right tools to express them!

Also, as someone who studied psychology and knows how real learning actually happens, I am not just teaching you the tools and strategies you need to make Reels your number one client magnet, but I'll guide you through actual trainings on our live group calls. And yes, that means group exercises over zoom! And if that scares you, that's ok! It won't feel scary anymore at the end of our 3 weeks together!

Week 1 - Become the person you'd follow

The first week of our bootcamp is all about getting into your leader mindset, creating unshakeable confidence around your content, tackling any fear that may come up as you create your Reels, dealing with stage fright, and ultimately becoming the person you would follow!

Week 2 - Start doing Reels YOUR way

In week 2 you are going to explore different Reel ideas and approaches so that you discover your personal style! You'll also learn how to always have new Reel ideas that you are excited to share and how to structure your Reels for the best results!

Week 3 - Sign clients on repeat

In week 3 of the bootcamp, you'll learn the most effective Reel strategies for audience growth & conversions and how to create more Reels in less time so that you stop spending all of your time on content creation and start coaching your clients!

Oh, and you don't even know the best part yet!!!

You are getting the "Reel Queen Bootcamp" for FREE when joining the Leap Together membership! 

YES! You have read that right! The Bootcamp is part of the NEW Leap Together membership, so by getting your booty inside the membership you'll automatically get access to the bootcamp starting October 24th, plus a whole library of modules helping you with all the foundations to build your thriving business, support, sisterhood and more!

Join us for 111,-€ per month!

bootcamp sign up

What is the Leap Together membership?

Leap Together is a membership and community for coaches and healers like YOU to not only get all of the strategy pieces and mindset tools that they need in order to fill up their coaching spots with dream clients but who also crave quality support, coaching and sisterhood outside of social media - and without breaking the bank!

Inside the Leap Together membership you'll get:

❤︎ Monthly group coaching calls for massive breakthroughs in your business

❤︎ Monthly workshops where we'll dive deep into specific strategies and practices

❤︎ Weekly Q&A thread to get all of your questions answered

❤︎ The Leap Together library with modules & workshops filled with everything you actually need to create your fully booked business

❤︎ A community outside of Social Media - so you'll feel safe sharing your struggles, wins & questions (and don't get distracted by notifications or your friends posting memes)

❤︎ Monthly surprises that are exclusively for the Leap Together members


about me

Hi there, my name is Elisa, but my friends call me Lisa. I support women in finally taking the leap to start, grow and book out their purpose-aligned coaching or healing business online. I believe that every woman has a unique voice and message and I support YOU in sharing your gifts with the world.​

For this bootcamp, I am drawing from my 4 years of experience in the online coaching world, my master's in psychology, and my professional background in theatre. This unique trifecta of overcoming your fears, unleashing your unique creativity, and discovering your most aligned strategies to sign clients on repeat will forever change how you approach your social media content - especially your Reels and other short-form video content - forever!

Got any questions or are not sure if the Reel Queen Bootcamp is the right next step for you?

Let's chat! ❤︎

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