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I’ve been listening to you . . .

I've been reflecting on what you actually need in order to sign your next (and maybe first!) coaching client online . . . AND I HAVE MADE YOU THE BEST THING EVER!

Especially for newer coaches, the online space can feel super overwhelming with a thousand different pieces that you have to “get right”: 


Figuring out your perfect niche, creating an offer that actually sells, knowing what makes you unique in your space, creating a sales funnel, posting consistently on your social media, figuring out all of those different platforms … 


And the list goes on and on and on, and you may start to feel like there is still so much work to do and so much to perfect before you could ever sign a client!


But what if there was a place where you could go and you’d get ALL of the pieces to the puzzle?


❤︎ A place where you get all of your questions answered?


❤︎ A place where you get quality support and sisterhood?


❤︎ A place where you can come in and take what you need that day - whether it’s a strategy, a workbook to get more clarity around your niche, someone to cheer you up, a mindset tool to boost your confidence, or just a place to vent without having a bunch of people immediately pitching their services to you!


If you have been wanting ALL the tools and support to sign coaching clients on repeat, then you are invited to the

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If you have been wanting the RIGHT tools and QUALITY support to help you sign coaching clients on repeat for a tenth of the price of my 1:1 coaching, the Leap Together Membership is for you!!! 

Honestly, I shouldn’t even be doing this and I am kind of breaking ALL the rules!


But the truth is:

I care a damn lot about the women who work with me, AND I care a damn lot about the women in my communities who aren’t ready for a long-term coaching commitment or who currently aren’t able to invest in that way. 

… Or those who maybe don’t resonate with 1:1 coaching right now but who still desire a place where they can get supported, get their burning questions answered, connect with other coaches, tune into major momentum and energy and get ALL the tools they need to sign more clients right now!


If you are like “Yep, that’s me!” then the Leap Together Membership is where you need to be!


And just to be clear: This is not one of many programs I am just throwing out there to make money! This membership has been over a YEAR in the making!!!! This membership has my heart and soul and I am committed to it and to the people opting into it long-term! (Btw, that doesn’t mean YOU have to be committed long-term, Leap Together is a monthly membership that you can cancel ANYTIME, no questions asked! You are more than welcome to come in, get what you need, and leave … although I doubt you’ll ever leave with the crazy amount of value and support dropping month after month)

What is the Leap Together membership?

Leap Together is a membership and community for coaches and healers like YOU to not only get all of the strategy pieces and mindset tools that they need in order to fill up their coaching spots with dream clients but who also crave quality support, coaching and sisterhood outside of social media - and without breaking the bank!

Inside the Leap Together membership you'll get:

❤︎ The Leap Together foundations library with video modules & workbooks to set you up for success in your online business 

❤︎ Daily support inside the community where you can ask questions, get coaching support, share your wins, and stay accountable

❤︎ Monthly workshops where we'll dive deep into specific strategies and mindset practices that will help you sign more clients online

❤︎ A community outside of Social Media - so you'll feel safe sharing and don't get distracted by notifications or your friends posting memes

❤︎ Monthly surprises and additions like meditations, workbooks, livestreams, challenges or templates so that you have all the actual tools to create the prosperous business you desire

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Content inside the Membership

  • 12 foundational modules that lead you trough an intentional process to set up your online business for success

  • A 31-Day Mindset Challenge to create more sales in your business (and feel freaking amazing in the process!)

  • The Reel Queen Bootcamp where you'll be transformed into the confident short-form video queen and attract new clients while having fun

  • Sales Action Workshop where I'll teach you the 10 most effective sales actions you can take today to sign a new client

  • Meditations around enoughness, visibility, and more to energetically align and embody the person who makes money in her business 

  • Sales Planning Workshop to set your long-term sales goals and create a plan to achieve them

Join us for just 47,-€ / month

Please read:

Note that this is a recurring payment of 47,-€ per month (If € is not your currency, PayPal will convert automatically if you are used to another currency) No refunds are available for membership fees you have already paid. Of course, you can cancel your subscription at any time, no questions asked!

If you have any questions at all about this process, don't hesitate to reach out via email by clicking HERE. I want you to feel as safe, as informed and as taken care of as possible during this process and in your membership in general!

sign up membership

What happens after I sign up?

Your payment will be securely processed via PayPal. After you completed the payment, you'll be redirected to the Leap Together Membership page where you create your account and put in the email with which you purchased. I will confirm your membership and grant you access within 24 hours and after that you are good to go, there is a welcome post and checklist to help you get started and so that you get the MOST out of your membership! 


about me

Hi there, my name is Elisa, but my friends call me Lisa. I support women in finally taking the leap to start, grow and book out their purpose-aligned coaching or healing business online. I believe that every woman has a unique voice and message and I support YOU in sharing your gifts with the world.​

Being in the online space for the last 4 years, I have witnessed what it actually takes to sign coaching clients online - and what is just fluff and nice to have. I also come equipped with my master's degree in psychology to help you move through any fears, blocks, or mindset hurdles coming up along the way (because they will and you're human). Because when your mindset is on board and you have the right tools and strategies - everything is possible!

If you have been burned by previous investments before, I totally get that you feel nervous or hesitant signing up for “yet another coaching program”

But here is the thing:

The Leap Together Membership is not “yet another coaching program” just like I am not yet another business coach!

When you work with me - whether that is as a 1:1 client or being in my membership- - I am showing up for you 100%.

100% present
100% value 
100% support

Which means zero fluff! 

I’m not of one those coaches who invest 90% of their energy into their marketing and treat their coaching containers like an afterthought! 
My clients are - and will always be - my number one priority!


This is what previous participants in my programs or coaching offers said

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And those are some recent wins from current clients

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Got any questions or are not sure if the Membership is the right next step for you?

Let's chat! ❤︎

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