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During this free challenge you will:

What's included

Daily videos with expert advice from a psychology-based biz coach

Community support in the Facebook group

Daily simple and effective action steps that actually make a difference

A chance to win a spot in

Leap Together

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Hosted by Elisa Becker

If you are new here, hi! I am Elisa, a psychology-based business coach for new and aspiring entrepreneurs.

My goal is it to support you in building a thriving online business that not only gives you the income and impact you desire but that also feels amazing and is aligned with who you really are!

I am so excited to support you in this free challenge to befriend your imposter syndrome and move from doubt to confidence so that you blow up your online business in 2022! 


There is no email address required to be a part of the challenge, just join my Facebook group "Aspiring entrepreneurs playground" by clicking on the pink button. This is where the challenge will take place from Monday, February 14th until Friday, February 18th! If you want to be eligible to win the Leap Together spot however, please register with your email address below!

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