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Master your Mindset

Your 90-minute Business Breakthrough Session

If you currently experience any of the following situations in your online business, it's your sign that the ACTUAL work that will help you hit your revenue goals is MINDSET:

  • When you are sitting down to write content, you feel resistance, you are not sure who is even reading your posts (or seeing your videos) and whether or not your content is actually any good

  • When it comes to selling your services, you get tongue-tied or you avoid selling all together because it feels "icky"

  • You have caught yourself doubting your abilities to deliver the transformation you are promising potential clients

  • You experience procrastination and even though you said you are going to work on your sales page, you somehow end up watching your favorite Netflix show (again!)

  • You struggle to niche down in your business and feel wayyyyyy more comfortable helping people with "creating a fulfilled life and feeling great" than getting specific 

If any of those sound like you, the Business Breakthrough Session is perfect for you!

This personalized, one-on-one coaching session is designed to help you overcome limiting beliefs, fears, or self-doubt and helps to empower you to achieve your specific business goals. During our 90-minute session, I'll walk you through a series of exercises that are hand-picked for you specifically to help you master your mindset for success and achieve the breakthrough in your business that you have been waiting for!

This is for you if ...

  • You are a new(ish) online business owner who is struggling with limiting beliefs and needs help overcoming them in order to achieve your business goals

  • You are a coach, healer, or desire to become one and you want to take your business to the next level but are facing a specific mindset challenge that is holding you back (it's ok if you are not yet sure what exactly that mindset challenge is)

  • You are looking for one-on-one coaching because you know that this custom-tailored and personalized approach will help you achieve your desired business outcome (and you are over the one-size-fits-all approach that didn't get you any results!)

  • You desire your first ever client, you want to fill up your program, or finally hit those revenue months (5k? 10k? Let's make them happen, shall we?) and you want to get rid of whatever is holding you back from achieving that

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The best business strategy won't work for you, if your mindset is working against you!

If you are sitting there, thinking to yourself "I may just need to find the RIGHT sales hack or make one of my Reels go viral ..." think again!

Sales and marketing strategy are actually easy (and quite basic!).

You can make six figures just through your Facebook group.

You can sign coaching clients on repeat through offering free calls.

You can fill up your group program with a free masterclass.

All of that WORKS! 

But if your mindset and your belief system isn't on board, ALL of those strategies will feel like a struggle and result in little to no conversions (aka income!).

Your rock-solid mindset will be your secret business superpower!

Here's how it works

1 / Custom tailoring your session

Before our call, you'll receive a questionnaire that will help me to handpick the right mindset tools and processes that will serve you specifically (no one-size-fits-all over here!)

2 / Anchoring in your goal

We'll start off our 90-minute coaching session by anchoring in your specific goal in the way that will serve YOU most! This could mean that we'll do a timeline exercise, tapping, or a meditation (or a combination of those!). You'll feel grounded and a new sense of certainty that your success is truly inevitable.

3 / Breakthroughs galore

We'll then turn towards those nitty gritty stories, fears, or beliefs nagging at you and your beautiful goals. Depending on what specifically comes up for you, we will create your breakthrough via conversational change, processing emotions, identity work, and/or body-based techniques. You'll walk away feeling lighter, motivated, and confident in your power to sign your next client!

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Your investment

 497,- €

Introductory pricing: Save 200,-€ and get your Business Breakthrough Session for just 297,-€

Only available until March 31st

(your session can be during April or May, but you have to book until March 31st in order to save 200,-€)


* Payment is made via PayPal. Prices are in euros, but PayPal shows you the current conversion rate if you live outside of the European Union. As this is a one time payment you don't need a PayPal account in order to proceed with the payment. By booking your session you are agreeing to the Terms  & Conditions.

Your next steps to your business breakthrough

In order to secure your spot, click on the button below and choose the date and time that fits you best for your 90-minute Business Breakthrough Session. If you can't seem to find a time that works for you, send me an email by clicking HERE.

Once you scheduled your session, you will receive the payment link as well as the link to our zoom call and the pre-call questionnaire.

The virtual intensive coaching session is 90 minutes long and will be held via zoom. 

Still have questions?

I want you to be a "Hell YES!" when it comes to investing and working with me. That is why, if you have any questions about the coaching session, don't hesitate to send me an email clicking HERE. I'd love to support you in making the best decision possible for you and your business.


Your Bonus

After our Business Breakthrough Session you'll get one week of voxer support. This means that you will literally have me in your back-pocket as your coach, supporting you, holding you accountable and answering any questions that come up for you after our session.

Imagine how game-changing it will be to be able to send me a voice or text message when you want to reach out to a potential client and that old fear of rejection is popping up or when you feel yourself slip back into procrastinating on your to-do list. You will have my full support for a whole week (you can message me whenever and I'll respond during my office hours Mo-Fri) to help you troubleshoot, ground into your new CEO identity and build game-changing momentum towards your revenue goals!

Hi, have me met?

My name is Lisa and I'm here to support women like you in taking the leap to start, grow and book out their purpose-aligned coaching or healing business online. 


With my masters in psychology, 8+ years of coaching and mentoring experience, and numerous added certifications, I'm THE mindset expert that helps you to not only hit those dreamy monthly revenue goals but who actually helps you to feel good in the process.

Leave it to me to walk you through the right tools and coaching techniques to powerfully shift your identity, thought patterns and belief system so that signing new clients and hitting your first 5k month are a natural by-product of who you are!


Client Love

Getting the spiritual AND practical tools

One of the most powerful coaching moments of my life thus far. (...) Lisa was able to use her own intuition and ask questions to help me hear my own to guide me in such practical ways. In the past, I have always either received very practical steps OR spiritual guidance from coaches. Lisa was able to give me BOTH. She is so so skilled and AMAZING at what she does.

Monica D.

Business insights that will make the difference

I just completed a Booked-out Business Intensive with Elisa and gained a tremendous amount of value. Before the call, I didn't know what I exactly needed, as I assumed my upcoming offer was well thought out. However, throughout the call with Elisa, I gained so much insight and awareness around my coaching offers that I hadn't considered. I walked away with so many take-aways that I know will make such a difference.

I 10/10 recommend booking a call!

Laura D.

From business chaos to a coherent marketing strategy that feels good

I came to Elisa because I had a sense of "chaos" in my business. I felt I was not bringing across the message I wanted to have my audience understand what I can support them with as a Coach and Elisa helped me find the red thread and to bring together all those pieces I had into one coherent strategy.

Her way of making strategy feel good to ME was exactly what I needed support on and I am amazed how much we covered in just one session!!!

Daria M.

Getting into inner alignment

The coaching with Elisa has supported me particularly in finding the guiding theme of my life and in getting to know my personal challenges better thanks to the empathetic reflection with her. Elisa has a great, considerate approach and can easily empathize with her clients, so that one has the feeling of talking to a good friend. The time has supported me in a difficult phase of life, in the middle of upheaval between two jobs to get my inner alignment and clarity about my future path. Through the coaching, I felt empowered and built inner resources to finally, after a year, register my freelance business. What I particularly admired is that she does not simply reel off a program, but always adapts to the needs and is fully present in the matter, at the same time the coaching has always exuded a certain lightness and joy.

Maria K.

The right coaching techniques to help get unstuck

Working with Elisa was an absolute joy!

I cannot describe how much it helped me to take the next step in my journey to run my own business.

Whenever I felt stuck or fearful of the future Elisa knew all the techniques needed to help me push through.

Some days I didn’t feel like going on the call. Because I still didn’t believe in myself and that I deserved to do this. Yet I always showed up and Elisa was able to completely turn around my view on my problems. Her energy is truly radiating and always lit a fire inside me to keep going for my dreams.

I am forever grateful to have met her and that I was able to work with her! I am certain that I will work with her again in the future.

Until then, thank you so much Elisa! Because of our work together I believe in my own strength and trust in myself.

Sonja V.

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