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Free PDF Guide

5 customizable Reel ideas to

draw in your next client

This FREE PDF guide is for you if ...

  • You are an online service provider (like a coach, healer or expert) or you aspire to become one

  • You know the potential that Reels have to grow an audience quickly and draw in your future clients with ease

  • You want to create Reels with authenticity, ease and fun but oftentimes it feels more like overwhelm and like you have to keep up with a million trends

  • Getting started with Reels feels a bit daunting but you strongly desire to share your message and grow a coaching business that you love 

  • You are ready to see growth and conversion from Instagram instead of crickets

You will get:

5 quick & easy ideas for Reels that are specifically for service providers looking for clients online

Fun ways to customize the Reels to your specific niche, vibe and personality - so you don't feel like a copycat but authentic and truly you!

Infos and insights on how to sell using short form video in a way that's aligned and effective


About me

Hey there, I am Elisa, but you can call me Lisa!

After struggling for over a year to sign clients, I am now growing my online coaching business and clientele month after month.

The most important contributor to this growth? Leveraging social media and especially Reels to reach my ideal clients, show my expertise, build authentic connections and knowing how to convert people from my free content to my paid offers.

Now I am teaching you how to  own your message, grow your audience and blow up your business!

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