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Free Workshop

Boost your Visibility and Sales by Crafting your Magnetic Core Message in just 60 minutes


Monday, November 6th, 3pm CET / 9am EST

This FREE Workshop is for you if ...

  • You are an online service provider (like a coach, healer or expert) and you are READY to grow your visibility and clientele

  • You feel frustrated by algorithm changes and not getting the reach you desire

  • You want to serve more people, but you seem to have a hard time magnetizing the RIGHT audience to you that are the BEST fit for your offers

Together we will:

Workshop YOUR magnetic core message that helps you confidently communicate your expertise

Get clear about how you can easily position yourself as the go-to person in your field

Grow your audience and clientele faster through applying my LEAP framework


About me

Hey there, I am Elisa, but you can call me Lisa!

After struggling for over a year to sign clients, I am now growing my online coaching business and clientele month after month.

The most important contributor to this growth? Leveraging social media, cultivating my expertise, building authentic connections and knowing how to convert people from my free content to my paid offers.

Now I am teaching you how to  own your message, grow your audience and create the impact and income you desire!

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