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Attracting clients through Social Media doesn't have to be that hard or take up all of your time ...

There is a simpler and more joyful way to get visible and make sales!


Listen to how my client Laura was able to quit her 9-5 and go full-time in her business!

Hey there, driven solopreneur!

I see you— an ambitious woman with a brilliant vision for your business, a heart brimming with passion, and a desire to create a positive ripple effect with your work!


But, here's the thing: I know that stepping into the limelight, confidently taking up space, and sharing your expertise online can feel like a daunting task - not to mention the time it takes to create consistent content AND juggling all others responsibilities of your business … and life!

Are you tired of . . . 

  • Feeling like you're shouting into the void, pouring your heart and soul into your posts, only to get a few likes which are mostly from well-meaning friends and family members? 

  • Are you tired of the constant algorithm changes, the frustration of not knowing what will work, and the pressure that comes with wanting to share your expertise with the world? 


I get it. I’ve been there, and I know how disheartening it can be to see others apparently effortlessly attracting their people and making sales while you struggle to be seen and heard.

And if you are anything like me and my clients, you are SO freaking tired of the overwhelming advice flooding the internet, promising instant success with generic blueprints that seem to work for everyone but you!

If you're sick of the cookie-cutter solutions that leave you feeling unheard and unseen, if you're tired of the overwhelm, the self-doubt, and the relentless pressure to follow yet another marketing trend that doesn't feel right, then you're in the right place.


Welcome to a different path

At Leap with Lisa, we don’t just acknowledge your uniqueness; we celebrate it. 


We don’t just work with you, we are IN it with you. 


I understand that you are driven, you have big goals and you want to see results NOW!


And I KNOW that you’ll get there by focusing on your unique strengths and creativity. Once you do that, you’ll celebrate your personal milestones and client successes without comparing yourself to others. Your confidence grows, allowing you to authentically promote your services


And then, boom! Look at you! You are attracting clients who value your unique expertise and approach, leading to a fulfilling and impactful career.


No more futile attempts to fit into someone else’s template. No more struggling to find your voice amidst the noise. It's time to embrace your authenticity, to leverage your individuality, and to craft a visibility strategy that aligns with who you are at your core.


I’m not just a coach; I'm your ally, your partner in crime, your second brain, and your biggest cheerleader. With a background in psychology and theatre, I bring a unique perspective to visibility coaching. I understand the power of human connection, the nuances of individuality, and the transformative impact of embracing your unique creativity - and if you are thinking “I am NOT creative”, let me assure you, you ARE! And I know how to help you access it!



And once you do, you’ll be THAT much closer to serving YOUR people who need the unique gifts that only you can provide!

Your next step

Book your pressure-free Clarity Call. This is your safe space for you to explore what it looks like to work with me. Curious what exactly happens on my Clarity Calls? Press play below!

I currently don't have any open coaching spots! 

If you want to be the first to know once an opportunity to work with me opens up, sign up for the waitlist below!

Imagine a world where your visibility strategy isn't a never-ending to-do list but a joy, where your uniqueness isn't a hindrance but your greatest asset. 


Picture yourself navigating the digital landscape with confidence, attracting your dream clients effortlessly, and making a meaningful impact with every post, every video, and every interaction - and having the engagement to go with it!


If you're ready to transform your visibility journey, to turn your uniqueness into your superpower, and to create a ripple effect of positive change for your audience, your clients and YOU, then I invite you to take this journey with me.


Together, let's rewrite the rules, redefine success, and rediscover the brilliance that sets you apart.

"I HIGHLY recommend Lisa's services because I know if not for her support I wouldn't have so much clarity around my niche and services. That clarity is already bringing me opportunites I've been dreaming of for months!"

- Brenna Potter, Life Purpose Coach

Here is what we will do together


Rediscover Your Magnetic Client Attracting Essence

In our coaching sessions, we delve deep into who you are at your core. Your passions, your quirks, your strengths - we celebrate it all. No more hiding behind masks or trying to emulate others. Together, we'll unearth the brilliance that makes you, YOU. By understanding and embracing your unique essence, you'll naturally radiate confidence and authenticity in every online interaction with potential clients.


Develop Your Visibility & Marketing Strategy

No more guessing games or trial-and-error approaches. We’ll craft a tailored visibility strategy that aligns with your energy, lifestyle, and business goals. From content creation to engagement techniques, you’ll get a 360° visibility strategy tailored specifically to YOU. This isn’t just about posting; it's about strategic, intentional communication. Your online presence will reflect your genuine self, attracting loyal supporters who appreciate your authenticity and expertise - and who LOVE to pay you to access even more of your brilliance!


Cultivate Your Visibility Psychology

Your confidence is your secret weapon. Through our sessions, you’ll not only gain confidence in your visibility strategy but also in your expertise and your ability to impact lives. We'll work on eliminating self-doubt and imposter feelings, replacing them with unwavering self-assurance. You'll stand tall in your uniqueness, speaking and presenting with authority and grace.


Nurture Long-Lasting, High Converting Connections

Visibility isn’t just about numbers; it’s about building meaningful relationships. You'll learn how to engage authentically with your audience, fostering genuine connections that extend beyond the digital realm. By genuinely connecting with your followers, you’ll transform them into loyal clients who not only believe in your expertise but also advocate for your services.


Celebrate Your Wins & Navigate Challenges

Your victories will be celebrated, no matter how big or small. And when challenges arise (as they inevitably do), I'll be here to guide you through. Whether it’s a celebratory milestone or a stumbling block, our partnership ensures you’re never alone. You'll have a dedicated partner, celebrating your successes and supporting you through the hurdles, ensuring you keep moving forward - because when you do, you’ll INEVITABLY reach your big, bold goals!

"I came to Lisa because I had a sense of "chaos" in my business. I felt I was not bringing across the message I wanted to have my audience understand what I can support them with as a Coach and Elisa helped me find the red thread and to bring together all those pieces I had into one coherent strategy. 

Her way of making strategy feel good to ME was exactly what I needed support on."

- Daria M.

About me

Hey there! I'm Lisa, and I wear many hats - an empathetic psychologist, a creative theatre professional, a mindset expert, and most importantly, your dedicated and experienced visibility coach.


With a Master's degree in Psychology and a four-year theatre certification under my belt, I embarked on a unique journey to blend the profound insights of human behavior with the transformative and creative power of theatre. 


My mission? To empower ambitious women like you to step into their brilliance, take up space, and become leaders in their industry.


I don't just coach; I nurture creativity and confidence. Through performing myself, getting trained in theater education, and coaching first leaders to cultivate better communication skills and then solopreneurs to find success, I've honed the art of helping individuals access their creativity, grow as a person, and embrace their unique skills.


Recently, I celebrated a significant milestone myself - five years of empowering individuals through my coaching business. I've had the joy of witnessing my business grow, hitting 5k months, and working intimately with dozens of dream clients, each success story fueling my passion further.


When I'm not immersed in the world of coaching, you'll find me on stage, continuing my love affair with theatre and dance. I also lean into my creativity at home where I am a passionate cook - and avid reader! My guilty pleasures? Reality TV drama like Selling Sunset or Love is blind! 


Listen to how my client Brenna FULLY stepped into owning her expertise online

Introducing my 1:1 Coaching for

Visible Expansion & Client Attraction

My 1:1 Visibility Coaching is your 360° transformation to grow your audience and make more sales!


I’ll coach you through my unique LEAP framework that will get you and your content the results you seek:



Let’s unveil your unique visibility levers. Your deep, calming voice, your quirky personality—they're your assets. It's about tuning into your authenticity, disregarding the 'shoulds', and embracing your distinctiveness. I’ll help you discover what makes YOU magnetic.



People crave expertise. I won’t give you generic advice; instead, I'll help you cultivate your expertise, believe in it wholeheartedly, and communicate it with confidence. Your clients will flock to you because they believe in your expertise once you do, too!


Actionable Strategy

Ever felt stuck, not knowing what to post or how to convert views into cash? I get it. Together, we'll craft an actionable, personalized strategy. No generic plans here—this one is tailored to your energy, your lifestyle, and how your brilliant brain operates.



Even the best strategy crumbles without the right mindset. I’ll be your guide, helping you cultivate empowering beliefs, shift your focus, and regulate your nervous system. Your content will exude magnetic energy, drawing your audience in effortlessly once you cultivate your healthy visibility psychology!

What's included

6 months of customized 1:1 coaching support to boost your visibility and sales

18 Coaching Calls:
3 private calls a month to dive deep into your essence, your magnetic content, creativity, and actionable strategies.

Spotlite Messaging Support: Instant clarity whenever you need it, making sure you're never alone on this journey, even in between session, I am just a text or voice message away!

Shared Project Boards:
Collaborate and visualize your progress, every step of the way.

Personalized Worksheets:
Tools to dive deeper, ensuring your growth between our sessions.

Click "PLAY" below for your client dashboard walkthrough

Untitled design-21.png

Your Investment

Pay-in-full: 5200,-€

(around 5500,- US$ depending on that day's conversion rates)

Payment Plan: 899,-€/month for 6 months

I currently don't have any open coaching spots! 

If you want to be the first to know once an opportunity to work with me opens up, sign up for the waitlist below!


Your Journey to more sales & visibility starts HERE

Picture this: You, in your favorite cozy corner, sipping your oat milk latte, feeling a surge of confidence. As you craft your content for the week ahead, you know it’s not just content—it’s magic. It's magnetic, resonating deeply with your audience. You sign clients effortlessly because they see you for who you truly are and what you have to offer!


This is what I really want you to know . . .

I get it; the digital landscape is flooded with promises. Countless coaches claim to have the magic formula, the blueprint for success. But here's the truth I want you to understand: one size never fits all, especially when it comes to visibility.


What sets my coaching apart isn't just the knowledge I have or the strategies I share—it's the individualized, deeply personalized approach I take with every person I work with. I refuse to hand you a cookie-cutter solution because I recognize that your journey, your essence, and your dreams are entirely unique.


I don’t believe in generic advice or off-the-shelf solutions. Your dreams and aspirations deserve more than that. 


You deserve more than that.


When we work together, you won't just be another client to me; you'll be an individual with your own story, challenges, and triumphs. I take the time to understand you—your strengths, your fears, your vision. Together, we craft a tailored strategy that aligns perfectly with who you are. 


No shortcuts, no generic templates—just genuine, thoughtful, and customized coaching designed to amplify your unique brilliance.


I'm not here to sell you dreams; I'm here to help you realize yours, in a way that’s as unique as you are. Let’s cut through the noise, the empty promises, and the generic advice. Let's embark on a transformative journey that's authentically yours.

Listen to how my client Kathryn completely transformed her life and business by doing the inner work.

Your journey deserves more than one-size-fits-all solutions. Let’s embark on this transformative journey where your uniqueness is celebrated, cherished, and amplified.

Frequently asked questions

1. "Will This Work for Me?"

The short answer is: YES! The longer answer is: The Visibility Coaching works, if you are coachable and ready to lean into the support! And if you have read the whole page up until this point, I can already tell you are driven and you WANT this! So invite you to schedule your free clarity call so that we can chat and see if we both feel like this is a perfect fit!


2. "Can I Afford It?"

Investing in yourself is a commitment, and I completely respect your budget concerns. Consider this, though: what's the cost of staying where you are, struggling with your content, getting frustrated with all the algorithm changes, and missing out on opportunities for yet another year? Together, we can explore flexible payment plans that fit your financial comfort. Think of it as an investment in your future success.


3. "I'm Not Tech-Savvy; Can I Still Do This?"

Absolutely. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to shine online. I’ll guide you step-by-step, making the tech aspect of visibility simple and accessible. From social media platforms to content creation tools, I'll ensure you feel confident navigating the digital landscape. Your unique voice is what matters most - technology is just a tool to amplify it.


4. "I've Tried Coaching Before and It Didn’t Work. How do I know it will work this time?"

I hear you. Not all coaching experiences are the same. What sets my coaching apart is the personalized, deeply skilled approach I bring thanks to my background in psychology and years of coaching experience. We'll work closely, ensuring your needs are not just met but exceeded. I celebrate your wins as my own and am committed to your growth. Together, we'll rewrite your visibility journey, ensuring it’s a success story you’ll proudly tell.


5. "I'm Afraid of Failure. Is this right for me?"

Fear is a natural part of growth and a natural part of being a human on this earth, but it shouldn’t dictate your decisions. Because I am a very experienced coach, I know how to support you to navigate through any fears coming up along the way so that you take consistent action towards your goals - seeing them manifest with every confident step you take! With my support, your fear will transform into the fuel that propels you forward.


6. "What if I don't have enough time?"

I understand your time is precious. Here's the beauty of our work together: our coaching sessions and strategies are designed to align with your schedule and energy. We work at a pace that’s comfortable for you and we’ll create a content and visibility strategy that is doable for you - whether you are taking care of a family of 5 or you work your side hustle next to a demanding day job. Together, we’ll find the rhythm that ensures your visibility journey fits seamlessly into your life.


Remember, your concerns are valid, your questions are important to me, and I'm here to address each one. Let’s have an open conversation during our free clarity call. No question is too small, no concern is insignificant. Together, we’ll decide if the 1:1 Visibility Coaching is the right next step for you and your business goals!

(And if you want to send me an email with your question, just click HERE)

Listen to how my client Naaznin started living her best life!

Want more client reviews? I got you! Click below to read through testimonials from more 1:1 clients.

Book your free Clarity Call right now

I know it can feel weird to schedule that first call with a complete stranger on the internet. And maybe you are even thinking "I know I have a hard time saying no, what if she pressures me to buy on the call?"

I've had those thoughts, too (recovering people pleaser over here). And to you, I want to say that I will NEVER ask you to pull out your credit card ON the call - or even know for sure if you want to work together or not after we are done chatting! I know that we all make decisions differently, and I am here to empower you and guide you in your unique decision making process.


What exactly happens on the Clarity Call?

  1. The Call starts BEFORE we even hop on zoom! After you scheduled your call, you'll get a confirmation email with a pre-call questionnaire. Filling out this questionnaire will help me understand where you are at and what your current goals are. And filling out the questionnaire will ALREADY bring you SO much clarity. Think of it as your first CEO exercise!

  2. Once the calls starts, I'll walk you through the structure of the call to make sure you feel at ease.

  3. I'll ask you questions about your business, your current goals and stuck points to be able to pinpoint to what exactly is going on and what next steps would be a game-changer in your visibility and business. 

  4. I'll explain how it would look like to work together and you are free to ask me any questions you want.

  5. You'll end the call knowing exactly what your next steps are to grow your audience and make sales - and maybe that includes working with me, maybe not. You can be assured that I will always be 100% transparent with because your success is my number one priority!

As I have very few coaching spots available at the moment, my Clarity Call spots are also limited. 

I only offer 2 Clarity Call spots per week, if they are gone, you'll see that there will be no availability. So if there is a time available that works for you, follow your heart and gut, and schedule your call right now.

* IMPORTANT: I currently DON'T have any open coaching spots but you can sign up for my waitlist below to be the first to know once spots open up again.

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